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Get Grilling: How to Recertify A Propane Tank

Grilling With Propane
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With spring right around the corner, we’re all anxious to get out and get grilling! But before you fire up that grill, it’s important to make sure your grill cylinder certification is up-to-date. All grill cylinders require re-certification 12 years from the date it was manufactured, and every 5 years after that. 
So what do you do when it’s time to recertify your tank? Just follow the quick and easy steps below, and you’ll be grilling (safely) in no time!
  1. Visit and enter your zip code to find the nearest AmeriGas location.
  2. Contact your local office to schedule your re-certification appointment.
  3. Bring your tank into your local office for recertification. You’ll receive a sticker on your tank with the inspection date and recertification date. 
  4. Once your tank has been recertified, it’s time to get grilling!
For more information on re-certifying your propane tank, contact us or your local office!