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Let's Grow Your Business, Together

Partner with AmeriGas as a propane reseller and add another revenue source to your business.
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How to Start your AmeriGas Propane Business

Becoming a propane retailer is an incredible business opportunity. Propane is an alternative fuel that's clean, powerful, and safe—and it's a future-focused energy source that's only growing in popularity.

Partnering with AmeriGas makes it easy to get your propane business off the ground. We are the nation's largest propane provider, and we have an effective, proven process for getting your propane reselling infrastructure set up. As with any business decision, it's important to think through the options and plan an approach. Our propane reseller experts can help guide you and answer your questions, so please reach out to us.

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Ready to get started?

At AmeriGas, we're committed to our customers' success. From initial setup to ongoing support, we're here to give you the tools you need to fuel your growth.

Sell AmeriGas propane to reach new customers, improve your visibility, and increase foot traffic at your retail location. 

Why sell AmeriGas propane? Demand.

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120 million

American households use a propane grill

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of all grill owners reported using their grill in the last year

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of grill owners use their grills year-round

Flexible ways to Sell Propane

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Propane Tank Exchange Program

With propane tank exchange, we'll set you up with the equipment you need so you can help customers swap out their empty propane grill tanks for full ones.

About Grill Tank Exchange click here to learn About Grill Tank Exchange
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24/7 Self-Service Tank Exchange

Let your customers safely trade in their empty propane cylinders and get a new, full tank anytime—and you won’t have to worry about manning the station.

About Self-Serve Tank Exchange click here to learn About Self-Serve Tank Exchange
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Propane Dispensing Station

With a propane filling station, you can dispense propane to a wide range of customers and tank types, including motor homes, campers, grillers, and businesses.

About Refueling Stations click here to learn about refueling stations