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Propane For Lawn Equipment

When you’re running a lawn care business, every bit of efficiency and savings helps boost your bottom line. Find out why landscaping businesses are making the switch to propane, and never looking back.

Man pushing propane powered lawn mower uphill.

Propane-powered lawn equipment is better for the environment and better for business.

Propane lawn mowers perform just as well as “traditional” gasoline and diesel mowers, but propane is much less stressful on your equipment engines. It’s easy to use, has a long shelf life, and often comes at a lower, more stable price than other fuels.

Why run your lawn care equipment on propane?

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It burns cleaner.

Due to its low carbon content, propane burns much cleaner than gasoline or diesel. By switching to propane, your equipment engines will endure less stress and require less maintenance, and the environment will thank you for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
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It’s safe.

Propane is nontoxic and non-pooling, so it doesn’t spill and won’t contaminate soil or groundwater if the tank leaks. Propane is also the least flammable of all alternative fuels, and propane mowers don't produce smoggy exhaust like gasoline models.
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It’s easy to use.

Propane is easy to store, easy to handle, and easy to refuel your equipment. No spills, no “stale” fuel after months of non-use, and no time wasted refueling. Plus, since it’s a gas, you’ll never flood your engine or deal with greasy buildup.

Industries that benefit from propane lawn equipment:

AmeriGas keeps your lawn equipment—and your business—running.

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National reach means we’re wherever you need us.

AmeriGas is the largest propane supplier in the country, so we have the network and the reach to keep you powered up, even when you’re off the grid.
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Your Safety is our Top Priority

At AmeriGas, safety is a way of life. We employ a full-time safety management team that provides leadership to our employees and our customers based on industry standards. For businesses, our safety program offers a comprehensive training program by our certified technicians, instructing your staff on the proper handling of our equipment and safe procedures for propane.
About Propane Safety click here to learn about propane safety
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A reliable partner to fuel your business success.

We know missed deliveries cost your business time, productivity, and money—and we’re here to make sure you never run out of propane. But more than that, we’re committed to helping you find smarter ways to power your business. From 24/7 customer service and dedicated account management to innovative wireless propane tank monitoring and flexible payment & delivery plans, everything we do is geared to making your life easier and your business more successful.

A powerful portal, right in your pocket.

MyAmeriGas lets you pay your bill, view and schedule upcoming deliveries, and manage your most important account information—all at a glance.

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