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Propane Tank Options For Resellers

Propane tank cages are the most common option for reselling propane, and with good reason! Propane exchange cages are easy to use and come in a range of sizes to accommodate your space.

AmeriGas tanker truck on a lush rural road.

Turn Unused Space into a Revenue-generator

Propane tank exchange cages are a great way to generate extra income from space outside your storefront that isn't being used. We'll install your cage, train you and your staff on how to use the system, and set you up with all the tools you'll need to be successful.

Self-Serve propane tank exchange.

Propane Tank Cages

Typically, new customer sites would choose one of two primary sizes. The most common is an 18 count vertical steel cage. Other options for smaller space or geographical considerations that would benefit from an aluminum cage are available. Partnering with AmeriGas, find comfort knowing that your account manager will guide you to the proper equipment for your particular needs.

What does partnership with AmeriGas look like?

Whether you're starting a propane business or already running a successful resale or refueling operation, learn the steps and details involved in becoming an AmeriGas propane reseller.

Other Options for Propane Resellers

Self-Serve propane tank exchange.

24/7 Self-Serve Propane

Even when your store isn't open for business, 24/7 propane exchange kiosks make it easy for customers to swap out empty tanks for full ones–and for you to make money.

Propane vehicle being refueled.

Propane Dispensers for Refilling

Propane dispensing allows customers to bring tanks to your location to refuel-whether for grills, generators, or RVs, propane dispensing can fill a variety of needs for your customers.

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