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24 Hour Self-Serve Propane Tank Exchange

Offer your customers the convenience they expect, while generating foot traffic, revenue, and visibility for your retail business.

Why choose self-serve propane exchange? 

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Increased foot traffic, day and night.

With self-service propane tank exchange, you can draw customers to your retail store even when you're closed. That means you're making money anytime of the day or night!
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Offer your customers a more convenient option.

Customers want to get the propane they need quickly and easily. By offering a convenient self-service option, your customers will be delighted that they can get in, get their propane, and get on with their day.
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No need to man the kiosk.

Self-serve propane exchange kiosks are mostly hands-off, so your employees don't need to do any unlocking, swapping, or ringing up—customers can do it all themselves!

What to Expect

Explore how AmeriGas sets you up for success throughout the process of reselling, from permitting to training to marketing and beyond.

Other Setup Options for Propane Resellers 

Ready to get started with reselling AmeriGas propane?