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Benefits Of Propane AutoGas For Fleets

Finding the right fuel for your fleet means striking a difficult balance between performance, cost, reliability, and environmental sustainability. On every front, propane delivers exceptional benefits to fleet owners.

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Propane autogas exhaust reduces pollution-causing hydrocarbons by 60-70% compared with gasoline

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By choosing propane autogas over gasoline, you'll reduce emissions ot benzene and toluene (toxic carcinogens) by up to 96%1

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Light-duty vehicles running on propane autogas reduce GHG emissions by 12%, NOx emissions by 5%, and SOx emissions by 37%2

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Propane means proven performance.

When it comes to the fuel you use to run your fleet, the bottom line is that your vehicles need to perform well. Propane-powered vehicles perform comparably to those powered by gasoline and diesel, but with a higher octane rating, propane can be used with higher engine compression ratios which creates higher engine efficiency1,3.

Since propane has a lower carbon content than gasoline and diesel, it burns cleaner and puts less stress on vehicles' engines. As a result, propane-powered vehicles require less maintenance and typically see a longer engine lifetime, which means less downtime and more time on the road.

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Propane AutoGas is easy to use.

Fleet owners have plenty of convenient options in regard to refueling their vehicles. Propane dispensers work almost exactly the same way gasoline and diesel pumps do, but propane doesn't spill or pool, so it poses less risk to people, groundwater, and soil. Whether you choose an on-site propane refueling infrastructure, public or private networks, mobile refueling, or another option better suited for your needs, you'll have no problem keeping your vehicles' tanks topped with propane.

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