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Propane Gas Prices

Read below to learn more about the specific pricing programs available to AmeriGas customers, and for how to get your own customized quote.

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The price of propane depends on many factors, including demand, weather, propane usage, geography, and more.

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AmeriGas Residential Pricing Programs

New customers typically benefit using first year promotional pricing based on Market Price. Get a new customer quote. Fixed Priced programs may also be available by promotion or in certain areas. Learn about the different programs that could be available to you:
  1. Market Price – This is the most common pricing for new customers as it benefits from introductory first year pricing, which includes a low first-fill price. Market Price is based on the current price of propane and fluctuates day to day.
  2. Fixed Price* – Programs which offer a fixed price are only available by promotion or in certain locations. Contact us to see if these programs would work for you.
  3. Guaranteed Price Program* (GPP) works in a couple different ways-
    • Pre-Buy: Works by paying up-front for your estimated annual gallons at a fixed price until all pre-paid gallons are used or until the contract expires.
    • AmeriLock: Offers a fixed price for a year-round contract term, is paid per delivery and has unlimited gallons. An enrollment fee applies with this option.

*For additional information regarding each of the programs and eligibility, please call us at 1-800-263-7442.

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Get Your Customized Propane Price Quote

While the price of propane can vary for many reasons, you can get a specific, customized propane price quote from AmeriGas.

  • As a new Residential customer, you can get a quote in minutes.
  • If you’re a new Commercial customer, submit a request and one of our knowledgeable propane specialists will contact you to review your needs and provide your quote.
  • If you’re a current AmeriGas customer, simply log in to your account, view your customized prices, and request delivery.

Flexible Payment and Delivery Options

Convenient payment and delivery options keep your propane tank topped on your terms.

Delivery Options click here to learn about delivery options Payment Options click here to learn about payment options