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Incentives And Grants For AutoGas Keep Profits In Your Pocket

If reducing your overall operating costs isn't enough to make you think about switching to AutoGas, maybe incentive programs and savings will!

The incentive programs offer a range of opportunities at both the federal and state level that can assist your organization with project funding, loan grants, alternative fuel tax exemptions and much more!

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Alternative Fuel Tax Credit

This is a federal incentive that covers alternative fuels used in motor vehicles or boats in the United States. The amount of the credit is 50 cents per gasoline gallon equivalent of propane, which equates to approximately 37 cents per gallon of propane. Fleets running on AutoGas qualify for this tax credit.

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State Incentives

The US Department of Energy offers a list of all incentives and grants available to those using AutoGas. They're a great resource as they also link out to a database of other ways to save money by using alternative fuels like propane. Check out what's available in your state!

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