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Propane Tank Service & Installations

With AmeriGas, you get more than just a propane supplier, you get an expert and a partner. AmeriGas Propane has over 60 years of experience providing dependable propane service to our customers with a focus on safety and customer service.
Row of large propane tanks ready for installation

We are proud to be a full-service propane company offering tank installations, propane system maintenance, seasonal service, and more- all performed by professional propane experts.

Various propane tanks displaying propane tank sizes

Propane Tank Sizes

No matter how you use propane in your home or business, our AmeriGas experts will help you choose the correct tank size and install it for you. We will also provide propane tanks for lease or assist you with the purchase of a propane tank. For more information, check out our propane tank guide for available tank sizes and common uses.

Home Tank Sizes click here to learn about home tank sizes Business Tank Sizes click here to learn about business tank sizes

Propane Tank Installation Process

Our team of trained propane professionals are here to help you through the process of installing a propane tank at your home or business. A licensed professional must install your propane tank and a resident or company employee must be present during the installation.

Contact an Installation Expert

AmeriGas employee filling a 500 gallon propane tank

Propane Tank Installation Regulations

For safe and accurate installation of your propane tank, installation guidelines must be followed. General requirements are listed below, and AmeriGas experts are here to help you every step of the way.

Distance requirements apply to propane tanks and their connections in terms of what surrounds them. Consideration needs to be made as to where you can legally and safely place your tank. Factors include whether the property is your office or home, and how far the tank is from other tanks, driveways, awnings and the property line.

Permit requirements for propane tank installations vary by state and municipality. All regulations and codes must be followed. AmeriGas representatives can assist you in determining what requirements apply to your property, and often are able to help you satisfy them.

AmeriGas employee preparing for propane tank service at truck

Propane System Maintenance

Keeping your propane system and appliances running efficiently is important to keeping your home safe. AmeriGas experts will set you up properly and are here to support you for long run. Our service team will ensure that the you have the maintenance you need to keep your system running smoothly.

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