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How To Buy, Exchange, Or Dispose Of Your Propane Tank

AmeriGas is the largest propane supplier in the nation, and we partner with top retailers in your neighborhood to make getting propane easy.
Person holding an AmeriGas propane tank.
Self-Serve propane tank exchange.

Buy New, Exchange, or Refill Your Propane Tank!

You can use our Location Finder to find local retailers who sell AmeriGas propane. Most retail locations have grill tanks available for both sale and exchange, so you can return your old grill tank and get a new one in one simple step! Some retailers can refill your old grill tank instead. The location finder lets you know what services you will find at your local retailer.
AmeriGas delivery truck.

Where to Buy Propane Tanks

From grilling and tailgating to generators and patio heating, we're wherever you need us! With over 54,000 locations nationwide, find AmeriGas propane at your favorite hardware or home improvement store, convenience store, gas station, and more.

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Self-Serve propane tank exchange.

Propane Tank Exchange in your Neighborhood 

AmeriGas partners with the trusted retailers near you—like gas stations, hardware stores, and convenience stores, to name a few—making it easy to find a location to exchange your propane tank. Swap your empty tanks for new ones anytime with our 24/7 self-serve propane exchange kiosks, or find a retailer near you to help with the exchange. Either way, we’ll replace your empty tank with a full one in just a few minutes!

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A row of propane tanks.

Propane Tank Disposal Made Easy 

When you are ready to get rid of an unwanted or expired propane tank, it’s important that you do it the right way to keep everyone safe. Propane tanks can’t be thrown away in your regular trash pickup, but we're here to make disposal easy. Exchanging your old propane tank for a new one is the easiest way to dispose of it, but if you need to get rid of it for good, contact us and we can direct you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept only AmeriGas tanks for exchange?

Nope! We accept all brands of propane tanks and cylinders for exchange.

How much propane is in my new AmeriGas tank?

Our tanks are filled to 80% capacity. The 80% fill rule is a preventative safety measure against the fluctuations that happen inside a tank. Propane, like water, will expand with added heat. Propane, however, will increase in volume nearly 17 times greater than water with the same temperature increase. To allow for this expansion, propane containers are filled to only 80% of their capacity.

How do I transport my propane tank from the retailer?

For detailed information about transporting your propane tank safely, please visit our Transporting Propane Tanks page. Here are some quick tips to keep in mind:

  • ALWAYS transport and store a cylinder in a secure and upright position so it will not fall, shift, or roll. 

  • ALWAYS close the cylinder valve and, if required, seal with a plug, even if the cylinder is empty. Ask your propane retailer if a plug is required.

  • NEVER keep a filled cylinder inside a hot vehicle.

  • ALWAYS place the cylinder in a well-ventilated area of the vehicle.

  • ALWAYS proceed directly to your destination and immediately remove the cylinder from your vehicle.

How do I recycle my tank when I'm done with it? 

It's important that you never dispose of your propane cylinder by throwing it in the trash. Exchanging a tank is an appropriate way of recycling your old propane grill tank. You can also contact our Customer Service Center for local options for disposal.