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Propane Tank Recertification

AmeriGas is committed to keeping you safe and helping you adhere to important regulations.

AmeriGas employee filling a 500 gallon propane tank

Why do I need to recertify my propane tank?

Almost all portable propane tanks—like those used in grills, travel trailers, fifth wheels, and others—are considered Department of Transportation (DOT) cylinders because they can be transported on the road and the Department of Transportation is the governing body for these tanks. In order to make sure these cylinders are operating safely, they need to be re-certified by a trained professional at established intervals.

Man checking tank certification.

How do I know if my tank needs to be re-certified?

The date of manufacture is stamped into the collar of your portable propane tank. Generally, tank recertification needs to be done between 5 and 12 years based on the date of manufacture, and includes visual defects and other factors as well. Larger tanks may also need to be recertified, but through a different process. You don't need to know the ins and outs-because the AmeriGas experts will help you the next time you get your propane tanks filled!

Remember, when you exchange your old propane grill tank for a new AmeriGas propane grill tank at a certified AmeriGas retailer, you can be sure that the tank you're getting has already been recertified.

Have a propane grill tank due for recertification? Find an AmeriGas exchange location near you