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500 Gallon Propane Tank & Fill Services

500 gallon propane tanks are primarily used for home heating or homes with 2-3 propane appliances.
500 gallon propane tanks are primarily used for home heating or homes with 2-3 propane appliances such as supplemental or space heaters, water heaters, and generators.
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500 Gallon Propane Tanks

When it comes to propane tank sizes, the 500 gallon propane tank is a crowd favorite. Large enough to fuel the average home, but compact enough to be convenient, the 500 gallon tank is a perfect fit for most families. 

The Enduringly Popular Propane Tank

Not too big, not too small—that’s the secret behind the ever-popular 500 gallon propane tank. A great choice for heating a typical 2-4 bedroom home and powering 2-3 propane appliances, an AmeriGas 500 gallon tank offers all of the benefits of propane power in a nice manageable package. 

If you’re looking for our most frequently requested residential propane tank option, you’re in the right place.

500 Gallon Propane Tanks: Dimensions & Data

  • Length: 9' 11"
  • Diameter: 37.5"
  • Capacity: 400 Gallons
  • Orientation: Horizontal

Top Uses for a Residential 500 Gallon Propane Tank

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Home Heating

This is the primary use of the 500 gallon propane tank. It’s the perfect amount of propane to get you through a regular chilly winter without having to call in a refill. And it’s much easier to deal with than messy and inefficient wood, coal, gas, or oil.

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2-3 Appliances

Maybe you’ve got a propane-powered hot water heater and a back-up generator. Or a fireplace and an outdoor kitchen setup. And maybe a spa heater, too? The 500 gallon propane tank can handle these common use cases. 

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Small-to-Large-Sized Homes

For the average single-family house, a 500 gallon propane tank should get the job done. If your home is larger than 3,500 square feet, you might want to look into a 1000 gallon tank, depending on you’re uses and how much heat you need.

Above Ground or Underground? 

500 gallon propane tanks can be stored in two ways—above ground and underground. But which is right for you? It depends on what you value the most. 

  • Price - Generally speaking, a 500 gallon propane tank is more affordable when it’s stored above ground.  

  • Appearance - Out of sight, out of mind. That’s the beauty of an underground tank. Although there are ways to spruce up your above ground tank as well. 

  • Ease - Above ground tanks are much easier to install and maintain—especially compared to larger sizes. 

  • Value - When a 500 gallon propane tank is underground, it can be considered an asset to your home’s value. 

  • Space - Burying a tank can free up valuable yard space, but local regulations may limit placement opportunities. 

Essentially, it’s a battle of affordability and ease vs. aesthetics and resale value. Choose the storage method that works best for you! 

Rent or Own? 

Here’s another important question to ask yourself when it comes to a 500 gallon propane tank: Is it better to rent or own the tank? The answer, of course, will always come down to individual needs and personal preference, but there is a general rule of thumb here. 

Propane tank ownership comes with a long list of maintenance tasks, responsibilities, and legalities. From periodic integrity checks to complying with local regulations, it’s a lot to keep track of. That’s why it’s usually easier (and cheaper!) to rent. Let your propane supplier handle all the details, while you kick back in a cozy, propane-powered paradise. 

500 Gallon Propane Tanks Safety and Maintenance  

As with all propane products, a 500 gallon tank requires strict adherence to certain safety precautions. Here are a few key examples: 

  1. Be careful where you dig. If you have an underground propane tank, it’s important to know exactly where the lines are. If you’re uncertain, ask your local AmeriGas office for help before you dig. 

  2. Know your tank. Make sure you’re familiar with the parts and design of your 500 gallon propane tank. From valves to gauges, there’s a lot going on. Just take some time to get brought up to speed. 

  3. Keep an eye on usage. On the top of your 500 gallon tank, under a hood or cover, you will see a dial with numbers from 5 to 95. Check this gauge from time to time and call for a refill when it reaches 30. You can also monitor things digitally on your MyAmeriGas account. If the tank seems to be decreasing rapidly, it could be a sign that something is amiss, so always be ready to report unexpected changes. 

  4. Schedule regular check-ups. An AmeriGas service rep will perform a routine maintenance check whenever they refill your tank. So, as long as you’re staying up-to-date on your fill-ups, you’re good to go. 

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