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Propane As A Clean Energy Source

Propane is one of the cleanest, most efficient alternative fuels available. But that's just the beginning.
Person refilling underground propane tank.
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Less Carbon Monoxide

Charcoal grills release 105 times more carbon monoxide than propane-powered grills.
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Faster Heat

Propane appliances heat up to 40% faster than electric ones.
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More BTUs

Propane contains 2 times more energy than natural gas.
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Propane is Cleaner

Propane has the lowest carbon content of any fossil fuel, so using propane minimizes carbon monoxide, hydrocarbon, and greenhouse gas emissions. Compared to electricity, which is ultimately powered by coal or nuclear power, propane is a much cleaner energy source.
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Propane is Non-toxic

Propane is not toxic or caustic, and it does not pollute the atmosphere, so it isn't an environmental or personal hazard if it's released. Plus, propane doesn’t pool, so it won’t build up in soil or water if leaks occur.
About Propane Safety learn more about propane safety
Outdoor patio heaters.

Propane heats up faster and packs more power, so you need less to get the job done.

Propane appliances—like water heaters, stovetops, and fireplaces—heat up to 40% faster than their electric counterparts. Since it contains twice the energy, propane also burns hotter than natural gas, so you can use less to do the same amount of work.

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