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Converting Your Home To Propane

Running your home on propane-powered appliances has some significant advantages, from availability to efficiency and much more. 
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Benefits of Converting to Propane

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No Gas Lines, No Problem

Propane is self-contained and stands alone, so it can be used even when natural gas lines aren't available to you. Some appliances will also work without electricity, allowing you to run your home whether there's no grid at all in your area, or it's just down due to a power outage.

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Cleaner and Greener

Propane is a clean fuel, so it minimizes greenhouse gas emissions. Plus, clean fuel is easier on engines, so they need less maintenance last longer.

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Propane is often cheaper than electric, and with better price stability you have more predictable energy bills.

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How does propane stack up to other energy sources?

Propane can run just about any appliance you have in your home—all while using less energy, releasing fewer emissions, and generating more power than natural gas, fuel oil, and electricity. Whether you've used natural gas, oil heat, electricity, or a mix in the past, propane is an effective, efficient, and eco-friendly alternative energy source that can help you save money, reduce your carbon footprint, and manage your energy usage.

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What can I run on propane?

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Water Heat

Propane water heaters use less energy and work faster than their electric counterparts.

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Propane stoves and ranges provide precise temperature control, instant heat, and a more professional cooking experience.

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Use a propane-powered clothes dryer to reduce emissions, dry clothes faster, and save money over electric models.

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Pool and Hot Tub

Propane can keep your pool comfortable and your spa steamy–all for a lower cost than electric.

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Discover More Power by Converting to Propane

In some cases—especially in rural or developing areas—propane is the only available fuel source, because natural gas lines and the electric grid may not reach remote locations. But propane is more than just a back-up plan. Even if you have access to natural gas and electricity, converting to propane home heat, propane cooking appliances, or propane clothes dryers can improve the performance and longevity of your everyday appliances—and converting is easy!