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Partnering With AmeriGas To Sell Propane

When you sell AmeriGas propane, you're more than just a reseller. You're a partner, and you have the support of the nation's largest propane network.
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Why is selling propane such a lucrative opportunity? 

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Just about everyone uses propane.

From 2015 to 2025, gas grill sales are expected to increase by 46% to become a $1.73 billion market. All those grill owners need a lot of fuel to keep cooking, and you can provide it. That means more new foot traffic, more revenue, and more repeat business for your store.

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Generate revenue from unused space.

Propane tank exchange is relatively easy to set up and run. You can choose a cage that best fits your space and your anticipated demand, and transform an unused outdoor space into a money-making machine.

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Clean fuels are the future. 

Propane is a certified clean alternative fuel. With a very low carbon content, propane releases minimal greenhouse gases, so businesses and families with an eye to sustainability will be increasingly choosing eco-friendly propane for their grills, equipment, and more.

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Why Choose AmeriGas for Partnership?

Our experts have been helping store owners like you make the most of being AmeriGas propane resellers for decades. We understand the requirements, know the best practices, and take time to listen to the unique needs of each partner we work with, so we can provide helpful insights to make this partnership as beneficial as possible.

When you partner with AmeriGas, the installation of your dispenser isn't the end—it's just the beginning. We're by your side from Day 1, continuously providing extensive training and safety support, effective marketing materials, and consultation to optimize your propane resale business.

Cage, Kiosk, and Dispenser Options for Propane Resellers

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Propane Filling Station

Propane dispensers are a great way to earn extra revenue by refilling empty canisters, cylinders, and tanks. Getting your propane filling station equipment set up is easy, and dispensing propane follows similar procedures to pumping gasoline at a gas station.

Self-Serve propane tank exchange.

Propane Tank Exchange Cages

The propane tank exchange program is something just about every consumer and business owner is familiar with. We'll help you find the right location for the cage, get the proper permits, and train you on how to use the system.

Self-Serve propane tank exchange.

Self-Serve Propane Tank Exchange

Customers today want quick, easy service. The self-serve propane tank exchange kiosks are easy to use, and you don't have to worry about manning the station. The kiosks work 24/7, so you're still making money even when your store is closed.

Already partnering with AmeriGas and need a delivery?

Schedule your delivery online by logging into MyAmeriGas, or click below to order more propane tanks.

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Helpful Resources About AmeriGas Reseller Partnership

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What to Expect from Installation

Explore the process of installing a propane tank exchange cage or dispenser on-site at your retail location, including permits, training, site selection, and more.

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Is Reselling AmeriGas Propane Right for Me?

When you're thinking about becoming an AmeriGas propane reseller, there are some important things to consider. Discover ways to evaluate your location, your options, and your goals to see if this partnership is right for you.

Ready to get started selling AmeriGas propane?