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Is Reselling Propane Right For Me? 

If you operate a retail location, becoming an AmeriGas propane reseller can be a very lucrative way to increase foot traffic, attract new customers, and utilize unused space outside of your storefront.
Cages for Propane Tank Exchange.
Two men with clipboard in front of an AmeriGas truck.

Who can benefit most from being a reseller?

Anyone running a retail customer-facing business—like a convenience store, home improvement store, or gas station—with even a small outdoor area that's not being utilized can turn that space into a new revenue stream as a propane cylinder exchange location. Locations with a bit more space and a demand to have cylinders of varying sizes refilled, can benefit from having a bulk propane tank on-site and ready to refill!

Whether you're already a neighborhood favorite or you're aspiring to be, partnering with AmeriGas to become a propane reseller can get your store on new local customers' radar, encourage repeat purchases, boost foot traffic, and increase revenue.

Common Businesses who Offer Tank Exchange or Tank Refill

  • Campgrounds

  • General Stores

  • Convenience Stores & Bodegas

  • Hardware & Home Improvement Stores

  • Gas Stations 

  • Grocery Stores

  • Farm & Feed Stores

  • Lumber Yards

  • Building Supply 

  • Landscape-Stone Dealers

  • Equipment Rental 

  • RV Dealers

Self-Serve propane tank exchange.

Installation Options Based on Your Needs

Depending on your location and how you want to operate your propane reselling business, you can choose between having a propane tank cage that you manage within your business operating hours, or a 24-hour self-service propane tank exchange kiosk that customers can utilize anytime, day or night, without you needing to facilitate their access.

Helpful Resources for AmeriGas Resellers

Ready to get started as an AmeriGas propane reseller?