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Commercial Tank Installation and Servicing Support

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does AmeriGas provide to commercial customers?

AmeriGas Propane has over 60 years of experience providing dependable propane service to our customers. With focus on safety and our customers, we are committed to providing safe and reliable propane service for your business. We also provide a dedicated service representative to our commercial customers. Although some may think of AmeriGas as just a propane delivery company, we’re a proud to be a full service propane company offering tank installations, propane system maintenance and seasonal service, and more. Whether you are drying crops or powering up your fleet, AmeriGas is there, making sure your business is running smoothly. Our team is committed to keeping your business warm and materials safe, your appliances running efficiently, and your fleets powered.

What is involved in the installation process for my commercial or resale business?

Our trained professionals are there to help you through the process of installing a propane tank, cylinder cage, or dispenser at your business. Our experts will perform a site survey at your location to help you choose the best location to place your tank and the correct tank size. And since we know the local regulations, we’ll help you with any permits or necessary paperwork. Our team will complete your above or below ground propane tank installation and walk you through safety procedures and how your system works.

What safety inspections are performed on commercial propane systems?

To ensure the efficiency and safety of your propane system, AmeriGas offers safety inspections and leak tests. A trained AmeriGas service technician will inspect your propane system to be assured of its proper and safe operation. If you ever have a concern about your propane tank, all you need to do is call. Our specially-trained agents are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to answer your questions and respond to your concerns. In addition to our safety inspections, we always encourage our customers to review Propane Safety information available on our commercial propane safety support page.

How is the propane system for my business maintained?

Keeping your propane system and appliances running efficiently is important to keeping your business safe. AmeriGas recommends having your system checked once a year, making sure your heating system, propane powered equipment and appliances are running at their most efficient level. Regular check-ups and maintenance can help keep your appliances and equipment running longer. Schedule a clean & light maintenance appointment to have a technician visually inspect and clean burners, check operating pressures and your ignition system, inspect venting, and leak-test your system.

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