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Current Fees And Charges

Current Fees and Charges

The fees and charges provided below are the most frequently assessed by AmeriGas (“Company”), but other fees and charges may apply depending on the services rendered.
The fees listed below may vary depending upon the state in which you live. New Jersey and Vermont customers please use the links below or consult your agreement with AmeriGas for the fees that apply to you. Connecticut customers, log in to your MyAmeriGas account or contact us at 800-263-7442 to view a copy of your customer agreement.

New Jersey customersReview the New Jersey Terms and Conditions and Disclosure of Customer Rights and Company Policies
Vermont customersReview the Vermont Terms and ConditionsInitial Fee Disclosure, and Existing Fee Disclosure


 Fee Why was I charged this fee?   What customers could be impacted?  When would I be charged?  How can I avoid this fee?
 Early Termination Fee You have received certain benefits from AmeriGas in exchange for your service commitment. If you are leasing from AmeriGas and you terminate propane service prior to the end of the Initial Term, we will charge you an Early Termination Fee of $149.99. Customers who lease equipment from AmeriGas and terminate service before the end of their initial term.

The early termination fee is not applicable in Nevada.
The Early Termination Fee will be charged on your Final Bill.  Continue service with us until the end of your initial term. Contact us at 800-263-7442 if you are dissatisfied with our service.
Fuel Recovery Fee This fee, which is assessed on propane deliveries, helps to offset the significant expense incurred by AmeriGas in fueling its fleet of motor vehicles. This fee may fluctuate on a monthly basis if AmeriGas's cost to procure fuel fluctuates.

The fuel Fuel Recovery Fee for the Month of March is $9.99
 All customers.  The Fuel Recovery Fee is charged on each delivery invoice.  N/A
Hazmat & Safety Compliance Fee This fee is charged per delivery and helps to offset the costs that AmeriGas incurs to comply with federal, state, and local government regulations, such as those relating to hazardous materials, homeland security, emergency preparedness, workplace safety and related administration costs. It is also use to fund, in part, among other things, employee safety training, inspections, cylinder requalification, and environmental compliance.

This fee is $13.99 per delivery.
All customers, except for meter customers.  The Hazmat & Safety Compliance Fee is charged on each delivery invoice.  N/A
 Safety Assurance Check This fee applies when a service technician or delivery representative determines it is necessary to perform a a check of the propane system to assess whether the propane system is safe prior to delivery. A Safety Assurance Check may be required prior to beginning service with Company, or after an, interruption of propane service. The cost of a Safety Assurance Check may vary based on the type and location of your propane system All customers. The Safety Assurance Check is charged on a service or delivery invoice.   N/A
 Leak Check Charge This charge is applied when AmeriGas performs a leak check to verify that the propane system does not have a leak. This test is required by law under certain circumstances, which may include: when new piping is installed, if the gas has been turned off for any reason, if there has been an interruption of gas service, or if a leak in the system is suspected. Please contact 1-800-263-7442 for specifics on when a leak check is required and the current charge. Any customer could be charged a leak check. A Leak Check Charge is included as a line item on a service or delivery invoice.  One reason that a leak check must be performed is when a Will Call customer's tank is empty. To avoid this, you can enroll in Automatic Delivery or watch your tank gauge and order a delivery when your tank is at 30%.
 Meter Fee If your propane usage is measured by an AmeriGas owned meter, this fee helps to offset the costs of the meter, meter reading, and related administrative costs. It also helps to offset the costs covered by the Hazmat & Safety Compliance Fee which is not charged to metered customers. This fee is $11.99 per month.  Meter customers with an AmeriGas owned meter. The Meter Fee is charged on an invoice once per month.  N/A
 Paper Invoice Fee Customers who choose to receive a paper invoice will be charged this fee. This fee is $2.99 per invoice.  All customers who receive paper invoices.

The paper invoice fee is not applicable to customers in Maine, New York, or New Jersey.
The Paper Invoice Fee is charged on every paper invoice. You may avoid this fee by enrolling in paperless billing within your MyAmeriGas online account. 
 Tank Pickup Fee When you terminate service with AmeriGas, we will remove any leased equipment from your property. The charge for removal of standard, above-ground tanks is $199.99. You are responsible for all costs of the excavation and removal of underground tanks. If you are leasing a standard above-ground tank(s) from AmeriGas and you terminate service with us.

Excludes Nevada customers.
The Tank Pickup Fee will be charged on your Final Bill.   N/A
 Reconnect Charge If your tank is locked off due to nonpayment, this fee will be charged to remove the lock, perform a leak check and put your propane system back into service. This charge is $79.99. Customers with a past due balance. Charged when the customer schedules to have propane service reconnected.   Ensure invoices are paid on time. 
 Returned Check Fee This fee is intended to cover the deposit return fee assessed by financial institutions and related administrative expenses associated with any ACH payment that is unable to be processed by the financial institution, including any withdrawal of authorization for the payment before it is processed. Any customer who has a check or ACH payment that is unable to be processed by their financial institution. The Returned Check Fee will be charged when a payment is returned to AmeriGas because the Financial Institution could not process it. Ensure funds are available in your bank account when paying with check or ACH.
 Service Dispatch Charge Customers are charged this fee when a service technician is dispatched to a customer's location to do any diagnostic or service work, except maintenance and repair or leased equipment related to ordinary wear and tear. This charge is $99.99. This charge will not be credited toward service work performed and additional charges may be assessed depending upon the nature of the service work required.   Any customer needing service work, except customers with leased equipment that requires maintenance or repair of ordinary wear and tear.   This charge is included as a line item on a the service invoice.   N/A
 Emergency/Urgent Delivery Fee This fee applies when a customer requests a delivery within one (1) day. This fee is $300.00. Customers who request a delivery within 1 day. This fee is charged when a customer requests their delivery within 1 day. Become an Automatic Delivery customer or watch your tank gauge and order a delivery when your tank is at 30%.
 Will Call Convenience Fee This applies to customers enrolled in the Will Call delivery option and is charged for each Will Call delivery that is not ordered online. This fee is $8.99 per delivery. Will Call customers that do not place an order online.  The Will Call Convenience Fee is charged on each delivery invoice when the delivery was not ordered online.  Eligible customers may avoid this fee by switching to Automatic Delivery or by placing an order online using your MyAmeriGas account.  
 Site Survey Fee This applies if we need to survey your property to determine the proposed location of your tank and the cost of installation, or if we need to add, move or upgrade the size of your existing tank. The cost of the Site Survey Fee may vary.   Anyone requesting an installation or a change in the location or size of existing equipment.  The Site Survey Fee is charged on a service invoice once the site survey is complete.   N/A
 Late Fees If you fail to pay your invoice on time, you may be charged a monthly late charge of 1.5% of the average daily balance or a late charge of $36.00, whichever is greater.   Unless prohibited by law or your contract with AmeriGas, customers who have not paid their bill on time.

Customers in Maryland who do not pay all of the outstanding amounts owed within 15 days after it is due will pay a late charge of the greater of $5.00 per month or 10% per month for the part of the outstanding amount that is late for no more than three months, or they will pay up to 1.5% per month of the payment amount that is past due.
Late Fees are charged after your invoice due date, if your invoice is unpaid.  Ensure invoices are paid on time.
 Equipment Rent Equipment Rent applies if you rent equipment, like a propane tank and related equipment such as regulators, piping or tank monitors from AmeriGas.  Any customer who rents equipment from AmeriGas. Equipment Rent is charged on an annual invoice. Occasionally, equipment rent may be charged weekly or monthly.   N/A
 Credit Card Surcharge AmeriGas may impose a credit card surcharge for customers who use a credit card to make a payment on their account. The credit card surcharge will not be greater than our cost of acceptance and will not be imposed on debit cards payments, ACH, or third-party payment options.  Customers who use a credit card to make a payment.

There are certain states where we are prohibited from charging the credit card surcharge.
The Credit Card Surcharge is charged at the time of payment.  Use a debit card, ACH, or third-party payment option (like Pay Pal) to pay your account balance.
 Permitting Costs You are responsible to pay for any permits needed to do any service work at a customer's location.   Customers needing a permit for service work.  This fee is included as a line item on the service invoice.  N/A
 GPP Enrollment Fee This fee is charged to customers who sign up for our Guaranteed Pricing Program.   AmeriLock GPP Customers. The GPP Enrollment Fee is charged annually at time of GPP contact signup/renewal. Customers on paperless billing receive a discounted GPP Enrollment Fee. 
 GPP Early Termination Fee This fee is charged when a Guaranteed Pricing Program is terminated before its expiration date.   GPP contract customers.  The GPP Early Termination Fee is charged when a GPP contract is terminated before its expiration date.  Avoid terminating your contract before the expiration date. 


                                                                    Last Updated March 13, 2024.