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Propane Poultry Brooding

Propane brooder heaters keep your brood house warm and clean, so that your flock stays healthy, growing, and producing.


Propane powers precise temperatures for a healthier flock

Brooding young chicks to optimize performance and health requires consistent, precise temperatures to be maintained in the brooding house. Even a 5-degree difference can dramatically decrease chicks’ bodyweights while increasing the amount of feed they’re consuming, because the feed is being used to maintain a healthy body temperature, rather than going toward growth1. This has a significant ripple effect on the yield of the entire flock—birds with a cold-induced low weight at Day 7 will not be able to grow fast enough to “catch up” to the desired weight by the time they’re due to be harvested.

Why use propane heat for poultry brooding? 

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It's cost-effective.

Poultry producing is one of the most energy-intensive activities within agriculture, and energy costs money. Chicken house propane heaters and propane infrared poultry brooders can lower energy usage and fuel costs when compared to forced-air furnaces.

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It's efficient.

Since propane has higher BTUs than electricity or natural gas, chicken house propane heaters provide more powerful heat than other fuel sources. That means you can heat a larger area with fewer units, keeping chicks healthy while keeping your energy usage manageable.

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It's reliable.

When it comes to keeping your flock healthy, it’s essential that your brooding house provides a consistently warm environment without fail. Propane heating isn’t tied to the grid, so it will keep providing warmth even if the power goes out.

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Propane-Powered Generators

When losing power can mean losing your livelihood, propane generators provide a solution to keep your brood and your business, safe. Using propane to power your back-up generator ensures that the your livestock will remain unharmed- fed and kept at an appropriate temperature during power outages.


Propane-Powered Incinerators

All poultry brooding operations need a plan to safely dispose of animal carcasses. Propane powered incinerators make it possible for poultry farmers to comply with regulations, save money compared to composting, and ensure the most biologically safe method has been used for their operation- all without the need for electricity. Incineration eliminates the threat to water quality and spreading disease.

Need propane by the truckload?

AmerGas propane makes it easy to keep your equipment fueled, your buildings warm, and your farm running productively.

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Other Agricultural Applications for Propane

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