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Summer Propane Maintenance

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Regular maintenance, inspection and safety measures are the best way to ensure your propane appliances are running safely and efficiently. But with all the appliances we regularly use, keeping up with routine maintenance can feel like an impossible task. That’s why we’ve put together a cheat sheet for the appliances you should focus on this summer.


A qualified service technician should perform a thorough appliance inspection on an annual basis. It’s important to remember that appliance maintenance is no DIY job; only qualified service technicians have the proper training to install, service, maintain and repair your appliances.


If you use your appliance heavily during one season, like a furnace or boiler, you should have the system inspected and cleaned prior to the beginning of the season. You don’t want to find out your heating system needs repairing or replacing when the temperature begins to dip in December.

If you use your propane appliances year round, it’s a good idea to set a month for your annual inspection and maintenance. This simple trick is a great way to help you remember to schedule your service! Summer is a great time to schedule maintenance since your propane company is likely to be less busy than in the middle of the heating season.


Since we’re in the midst of summer—and a heatwave at that—I think it’s safe to say that you’re not heating your home at the moment. That’s why we suggest servicing the following appliances this summer:

Propane furnace/boiler (serviced annually by a professional)
Propane fireplace (serviced annually by a professional)

Less seasonal appliances that are used year round also require routine maintenance. Whether you have these appliances serviced summer, spring, winter or fall, designating a specific month for service is a great way to make sure they’re not forgotten about! Some of those appliances include:

Propane water heater (serviced annually by a professional)
Propane oven (serviced annually by a professional)
Propane clothes dryer (serviced bi-annually by a professional)