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Did You Know New Water Heating Regulations Are In Effect

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In April 2015, the U.S. Department of Energy implemented new water heater regulations. I’m sure you’re wondering “what exactly has changed?” and “will this really affect me?” The short answer: A lot has changed and these new regulations are bound to affect you at some point. But there’s no need to stress over these regulations because we’ve compiled a breakdown of the new water heater regulations and what to expect when it’s time for you to replace your water heater.

Here are some of the big changes from the new water heater regulations:

NEW REQUIREMENTS. All of the water heaters are required to meet a new efficiency rating.

IMPROVED INSULATION. The new water heater tanks will come equipped with improved insulation.

LARGER IN SIZE. To accommodate the improved insulation, the new tanks will be approximately 2” larger in diameter than the older models.

HIGHER COST. The price tags of the new tanks will be slightly higher than before, however, the new and improved performance will cost you less to operate compared to older water heaters.

If it’s the increased tank size that concerns you, keep in mind that you can always go tankless. Tankless water heaters provide 222 gallons of hot water per hour and most of them already meet or exceed the efficiency standards. If you’re looking to further your efficiency, propane is definitely the way to go.

What should you do?

Consider installing a propane water heater: Propane water heaters heat faster and provide more evenly distributed heat when compared to electric. They can also cost up to 50% less to operate. When combined with tankless water heaters, propane offers 50-60% less CO2 emissions when compared to electric tank systems.

Evaluate your current system: A plumber or home repair professional can do a full inspection of your water heater but before you call, take this short quiz to see if its time to start thinking about replacing your water heater. And don’t forget: Experts suggest replacing your water heater every 8-12 years!

For more information on propane water heaters and how one of our energy experts can help, contact us.