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Appliance Spotlight: Propane Furnaces and Boilers

Propane Furnaces
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Where you live can significantly impact your annual propane consumption and overall energy costs. Since relocation isn’t a viable option for most, the best way to lower that energy bill is by looking at the largest contributor: Your heating system. 

Whether you’re using an inefficient source of energy, or need to install a totally new system, we’ve got all the info you need to help in your decision-making process!

Looking to improve your homes’ efficiency while reducing costs? If you haven’t already made the switch to a propane furnace or boiler, we highly suggest doing so for the upcoming heating season. Propane heats your home faster and maintains the warmth longer than electric heating, which helps to save you some serious cash!

Don’t get stuck in the cold this winter! Your propane furnace or boiler should be inspected and serviced annually by a professional technician. To avoid the cost and hassle associated with a breakdown mid-winter, have your furnace or boiler inspected prior to the start of the heating season. 

Is your heating system on its way out? Rather than spend countless dollars in repairs to make it through the winter, look into purchasing a new furnace or boiler. It may sound like you’re breaking the bank; however, most new heating systems are either high efficient (efficiency raking between 90% and 95%) or very high efficient (efficiency ranking of 95% or greater). In fact, upgrading your heating system can actually reduce your overall energy costs. Best of all, your new system will be save you so much dough from its improved efficiency that it’ll pay for itself within four to six years!