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Space Heating: Propane Heating Systems for Homeowners

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Propane is one of the most versatile space heating fuels on the market, letting homeowners choose from a wide range of propane-powered solutions to meet a variety of needs. Homeowners can choose from propane-powered furnaces, boilers, or hybrid systems that combine propane with an additional energy source. Propane-powered zone heaters and garage heaters provide homeowners with choices for additional heating needs. Visit the Propane Product Directory at PERC to view available propane-powered space heating products. Learn more about these products that use space heating at


High-efficiency propane furnaces provide energy, cost, and carbon savings in both new and existing homes. Heated air leaves the propane furnace at temperatures typically near 120 degrees Fahrenheit, significantly warmer than the delivery temperatures offered by electric heat pumps. Propane furnaces qualify for Energy Star’s Most Efficient label; heating oil furnaces are not eligible for this rating. High-efficiency propane systems also have a smaller carbon footprint than most other systems. For example, electric heat pumps typically have CO2 emissions that are double those of high-efficiency propane furnaces.


Boiler systems, also known as hydronic heating, pump heated water through pipes to perimeter radiators that heat the home, even heating floors in some newer systems. Hydronic heat is known for providing superior, energy-efficient comfort. The CO2 emissions from a high-efficiency propane boiler were 2,749 pounds lower per year than for a high efficiency oil boiler for a new home in the Northeast.

Hybrid Heating

A hybrid system heats a home by using two different energy sources. For example, some hybrid systems will use an electric heat pump along with a gas furnace. When the electric heat pump can’t find enough ambient heat in the air to warm the home, it switches over to the propane furnace. This greatly boosts the system’s output capacity and assures a warm air delivery temperature around 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Hybrid systems provide homeowners with an energy choice — as energy prices fluctuate, or a homeowner prefers the warmer air delivery of the furnace, the transition point of electric system to propane furnace can be adjusted.

Zone Heating

Zone heating systems allow homeowners to set different temperatures in different parts of the house. By using smaller zone heaters such as direct vent wall furnaces, the homeowner can adjust the heat for only the areas being used. As a result, zone heating systems are more efficient and comfortable and often save the homeowner money.

Garage Heating

Propane-fueled heaters designed specifically for garages and workshops come in many types and sizes. The majority are forced air units with a variety of venting options.

Is it Time to Replace Your Current Heating Oil System?

Heating oil has long served its purpose of keeping homes warm, but the advancements of propane-powered heating systems have far outpaced heating oil in virtually every way. If you’re still using heating oil in your home, it’s time to consider a solution that performs better, saves money, and is more environmentally friendly. Explore the economical and environmental advantages of a high-efficiency propane furnace, and you’ll see why you should say goodbye to heating oil.

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Learn more about these products that use space heating at