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The Only Makeover You'll Need This Year

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Still haven’t committed to a New Year’s resolution? Why not focus on improving something besides yourself this year (since we already think you’re great!)? We think 2016 should be the year for home improvements, and more specifically, updating that fireplace of yours.

If you haven’t already made the switch to a propane-powered fireplace, we highly suggest you do. Check out why we think propane fireplaces are the only way to go!

More efficient. Propane fireplaces offer an efficiency rating which exceeds 90%, whereas wood-burning fireplaces offer a mere 15% efficiency rating. Compared to electric fireplaces, propane delivers 5 to 6 times the heating capacity! Propane fireplaces are also known for heating the room more evenly than both wood-burning and electric fireplaces.

Greener. Propane fireplaces are a greener option than its wood-burning counterparts. Unlike propane fireplaces, wood-burning fireplaces release harmful chemicals and particle pollution into the atmosphere. Propane fireplaces can also burn 40 times longer than wood fireplaces while still producing less emissions.

Cleaner. Propane fireplaces require very little maintenance, especially in comparison to wood-burning fireplaces. Wood-burning fireplaces create creosote as the wood is burned, which may become a fire hazard as it accumulates. Propane powered fireplaces don’t have that problem. Other than a professional cleaning and adjustment, which is recommended annually, propane fireplaces are virtually maintenance-free!

Easier. Propane fireplaces are hands-down more simple to use than wood-burning fireplaces. Wood-burning fireplaces are fueled by—you guessed it—wood. Wood is dirty and requires a decent amount of space for storage. Propane, on the other hand, is fed through a pipe and eliminates the issues surrounding wood storage. Propane fireplaces are also easier to fire up—all you need to do is simply push a button. Wood fireplaces require you to stack, light and tend to the wood.

Want to find out more information on how to update your fireplace? Contact us or call your local office to speak with an expert today!