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Countdown to Summer: Propane Lighting

propane lighting
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Spring is in full gear, which means out with the cold and in with the warmth! That means it’s time to make sure your backyard is summer ready; and what better way to kick off your countdown to summer than with propane lighting? Keep reading to find out what propane lighting can do for you (and your outdoor living space) this summer!
Installing propane lighting is one of the easiest ways to add some charm to your outdoor living space. Real flames will give your backyard a whimsical ambiance that standard electric lighting just can’t match!
Whether you’re looking to create a statement with your lighting or just enhance your landscaping, propane lighting has you covered! From post fixtures to wall sconces, propane lighting is available in a variety of styles to fit all your outdoor lighting needs.

One of the most notable benefits propane lighting offers is its reliability. Unlike electric lighting, propane lighting will function even during a power outage—giving your home the added security and safety you desire! 
Fueling the propane lighting in your outdoor living space is easier than you may think. Whether you decide to fuel your propane lighting with portable tanks or your home’s primary propane supply, the choice is yours!

Considering installing a permanent propane-powered light fixture? Not only will you be adding beauty to your outdoor living space, but you’ll also be adding value to your home! 
Interested in learning more about propane lighting? Contact us to speak with an expert!