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6 Ways to Treat Yourself and Your Home This Tax Refund Season

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It’s one of my favorite times of the year—tax refund season! It’s the one time of the year the government actually gives us money back. The biggest question we’re all faced with is: What should I do with this extra money? With summer right around the corner, we think it’s time to refresh your outdoor living space and prepare yourself (and your home) for all of the summertime festivities. Check out our suggestions below to prepare your home for the most epic summertime gatherings!

1. PROPANE FIRE PIT AND FIREPLACE. Whether you’re looking to snuggle up by the fire on a chilly summer night or make memories with your family while roasting marshmallows, a fire pit or outdoor fireplace is the perfect addition to any outdoor living space. When you add propane in the mix, you’re saving yourself time, money and a major headache. Propane fire pits, for example, offer you mobility since they’re powered by a propane tank. That’s something you just can get with natural gas fire pits, which rely on a gas line. Compared to wood, propane offers cleaner burning and more efficient heat with—wait for it—no mess afterwards. Now that’s music to my ears!

2. OUTDOOR KITCHEN. Outdoor kitchens are amazing for entertaining friends and family during the warmer months. With an outdoor kitchen, you’ll never have to worry about having to leave the party to check on the main course! Best of all, outdoor kitchens keep all the grease, smoke, heat, nasty smells and the mess outside! When you power your outdoor kitchen with propane, your guests—and wallet—will thank you. Propane provides you with more temperature control than electric. When you cook with propane, you’ll be confident that your food will be evenly cooked to perfection every time! Now who wouldn’t love that?

3. PROPANE POOL AND SPA HEATER. Want to get more use out of your pool or spa? Then a propane heater is exactly what you need. Propane pool heaters heat the water much quicker than electric heaters, solar heaters and heat pumps. Propane pool and spa heaters are also inexpensive to purchase and they operate independently from the air temperature! That means that with propane, you’re pool or spa will be the perfect temperature regardless of how chilly it is outside. Talk about getting the most out of your pool or spa!

4. PROPANE TIKI TORCH. Have you ever had the chance to visit any of the Polynesian islands? Yeah, me neither. But there’s no need to get upset over it because with AmeriGas, you can bring the laid back island lifestyle to your home! Propane Tiki torches can easily, and greenly, transform your backyard into an island oasis.

5. PROPANE MOSQUITO TRAP. Never worry about having unwanted pests crash your family barbeque again! Propane mosquito traps can protect your entire—yes I said entire—backyard from those annoying, biting insects. Repellents are an inconsistent, short-term solution that typically produces unpleasant odors. Propane mosquito traps, on the other hand, are virtually odor- and noise-free while offering more consistent and reliable coverage. Save your family from nasty mosquito bites this summer by investing in a propane mosquito trap today!

6. PROPANE GRILL. Did you know that most grillers prefer propane over charcoal? Whereas charcoal grills are difficult to handle, propane grills are easy to start, maintain steady temperatures and are easy to clean. Most importantly, propane grills offer indirect and multi-zone cooking so you’re not burning your meal to a crisp! With propane, you don’t have to worry about open flames, nasty flare-ups or messy clean-ups like you do with charcoal.

Still have questions about upgrading your outdoor living space? Contact us or call your local office to speak with an outdoor living expert today!