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Top 7 Propane Appliances you Need This Summer

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It’s finally here—sunscreen-wearing, lemonade-drinking, ice cream-eating, schools-out-of-session season! For those of you that have no idea what I’m talking about: It’s the official start of summer!

That means the next 10 weeks will revolve around BBQs, pool parties, water balloon fights (ok, you get the picture)—but is your backyard ready for all the excitement? No need to panic! Check out our top picks to get your backyard summer ready!

1. OUTDOOR KITCHEN. Love to cook? Then you should seriously consider investing in an outdoor kitchen. With an outdoor kitchen, you can keep the mess (and smell) associated with cooking out of your home. Best of all, you don’t have to settle! Powering your outdoor kitchen with propane offers better temperature control than electric. That means you’ll have the same delicious home cooked meals as you would in your kitchen!

2. MOSQUITO TRAPS. We entered the 21st century more than a decade ago, and I think it’s time to start acting like it! Why do we continue to use those primitive (and stinky) bug sprays and candles that—quite frankly—don’t work? Not only will a propane mosquito trap protect your entire backyard from those unwanted pests, but it’ll do so noise-free and odor-free (take that stinky sprays).

3. LIGHTING. Simple touches (like lighting) can make your backyard go from “basic” to “way sick”. And when it comes to backyard lighting, nothing holds a candle to propane. Unlike electric, propane lamp posts offer a flickering, old-world charm that just can’t be beat. And with an underground propane tank, you don’t have to worry about any unsightly gas line!

. If you’re looking for the perfect conversational piece for your backyard, then you’re in luck! With a multitude of uses and designs, fire pits are definitely where it’s at. From freestanding to dugout, metal to stone—finding a fire pit that fits your style (and budget) will be a piece of cake! And you can forget the wood. Propane fire pits are easier to use and don’t leave behind the same ashy mess of wood-burning fire pits.

Never worry about jumping into artic-grade waters again! Propane pool heaters will heat your pool more quickly and efficiently than electric, all while reducing your home’s overall carbon footprint!

If you have a pool then you know all about the inevitable water trail leading from the backyard to the bathroom. Installing an outdoor shower is a great way for swimmers to clean off without tracking water throughout your home. Outdoor showers require minimal cleaning and are a great alternative during warmer months. And when you’re powering your outdoor shower with a tankless propane water heater, you’ll have 222 gallons of hot water per hour.

7. PATIO HEATERS. Extend your home’s patio season with a propane patio heater! Propane patio heaters come in all shapes and sizes, so you can easily find one that fits your needs. You can choose freestanding or wall-mounted; some models even include thermostats and/or blowers! Propane patio heaters even work in an electrical outage—all while producing fewer greenhouse gases than its fuel oil counterparts.

Still have questions about updating your outdoor living space? Contact us or call your local office to speak with an outdoor living expert!