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Your Ultimate Guide to Spring Cleaning

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Spring is honestly my favorite time of the year. I mean—how could it not be? Birds are chirping, the flowers blooming. Everything is beginning to come back to life. Except me, once I realize it’s time for spring cleaning. The second I make that realization, I immediately want to crawl back into hibernation.

Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a short list of to-do’s you should focus on this year.

1. PROPANE OVEN. Let’s be real, no one likes cleaning their oven. I think it’s actually my least favorite chore. Although cleaning your oven has definitely improved thanks to innovations like the self-cleaning oven, it’s still no walk in the park. That’s why I scanned the internet to find the best (and easiest) way to clean your oven! This step-by-step tutorial shows you how to make your oven sparkle without all the harsh chemicals found in store bought cleaners.

2. PROPANE WATER HEATER. Just like your car needs oil changes, your water heater also needs routine maintenance. Over time, sediment builds up inside the tank, hindering the water heater’s efficiency. The buildup forces the water heater to work harder, resulting in added time, energy and money to heat the same amount of water. Think it’s time to part ways with your current water heater all together? Stop wondering and find out! Just remember: Whether your water heater’s brand new or on its last leg, experts suggest flushing out your water heater annually to keep it at top performance.

3. PROPANE FURNACE. To keep your propane furnace functioning at maximum efficiency, routine maintenance is crucial. Routine maintenance allows for early detection of any blocks or leaks within your furnace, which can be extremely costly if left unnoticed. Experts recommend having your furnace serviced annually by a professional.

4. PROPANE FIREPLACE. Although propane burns much cleaner than the alternatives, propane fireplaces still require a deep cleaning every so often. Failure to follow a routine fireplace cleaning will end up costing you more money. How so? Over time, buildup naturally accumulates on the pilot of your fireplace. The more buildup that accumulates, the harder it is for your fireplace to work (aka more money for you). Lucky for you, cleaning your propane fireplace is relatively easy. Experts recommend cleaning your propane fireplace once a year.

5. PROPANE GRILL. Scrubbing down your grill grates between every use just isn’t cutting it. Don’t agree? Then maybe you should take a quick peak to see what’s going on underneath your grates. All that buildup inside your grill isn’t just gross to look at (and dangerous!); it’s also messing with the taste of your food (and let’s be honest, you didn’t spend 3 days marinating that rack of ribs for nothing!). Luckily, deep cleaning your grill is relatively simple and only takes about 15 minutes. Experts suggest deep cleaning your propane grill at least 1-2 times per year.