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Countdown to Summer Propane Pool and Spa Heat

propane pool and spa heat
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The official start of summer is just 6 weeks away and we’re counting down with some of our favorite summertime propane products.

First up on the list….a propane-powered pool or spa heater. Here are the top 3 reasons you should heat your pool or spa with a propane heater.

1. Heating your pool or spa with a propane heater is more efficient and effective. Propane heaters warm your pool or spa faster than electric models. Solar heaters are another green option, but depend on lots of sunny days to heat your pool.
2. Propane pool heaters maintain heat better in cold weather. Propane-powered heaters operate independently from the air temperature so your pool or spa will be the perfect temperature regardless of how cold it is outside.
3.Propane pool and spa heaters come with lower energy costs! Electric heat pumps can be more expensive to start and they also lose efficiency once ambient temperatures fall below 50 degrees. That means they use much more electricity to heat and maintain the water heat.

Think propane when you want an effective, efficient, and less costly option to heat your pool or spa this summer.

Need more info on installing a propane spa or pool heater? Contact one of our energy experts more information.