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Back to School With AmeriGas

kids performing a science experiment
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There’s nothing more important than the education and safety of your children. That’s why, at AmeriGas, we’re dedicated to educating your children about propane, investing in their education and improving their overall safety. Keep reading to learn more about what back to school means at AmeriGas!


PropaneKids is a fun and interactive game that teaches children and teens between the ages of 4 and 13 years old about propane and propane safety. We believe that good safety habits should be adopted at a young age, and that the more children and teens know about propane, the fewer preventable accidents will occur.  

This learning tool was designed to educate kids on:

  • The environmental impact of propane 
  • How propane is used in their homes
  • How to identify the smell of propane
  • What to do if they smell a possible propane leak

School Days
Did you know you can turn your propane bills into cash for your local school? Schools can receive up to $2,000 per year to purchase books, computers, equipment, art materials and more with the AmeriGas School Days Program.

Once your school is registered for the program, you can drop your receipts into the School Days Receipt Box located at your school. AmeriGas will total the gallons of the deposited receipts and issue a check to your school for $0.02 per gallon delivered!

AutoGas Buses
Although diesel has typically been used to fuel school buses across the country, many school districts have taken advantage of the environmental and cost-reduction benefits propane AutoGas has to offer. Because propane burns cleaner than both diesel and gasoline, AutoGas-powered buses have fewer maintenance and operating costs compared to diesel-powered buses. 

AutoGas also provides buses with increased safety, as the fuel tanks are 20 times more puncture-resistant than standard diesel tanks. On top of that, AutoGas engines are also 50% more quiet than diesel engines, allowing drivers to focus more heavily on their surroundings.  

Interested in learning more? Contact us or your local office for additional information!