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Top 6 Reasons you Should Convert to an AutoGas Fleet

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The buzz around AutoGas has become increasingly prevalent throughout the years. From police cruisers to freight trucks, many organizations have already converted to an AutoGas fleet after learning about the benefits associated with this alternative fuel. But the real question is: What can AutoGas do for you?

1. Reduce your costs

AutoGas can reduce your operating costs a number of ways. The most talked about relates to the price difference between AutoGas and diesel fuel. It’s no secret that historically, AutoGas has been priced 30-40% less than diesel—and that can certainly add up when dealing with a large fleet! However, AutoGas’ low price is not the only cost-saving benefit associated with the alternative fuel; you’ll also see significant savings thanks to the increased engine efficiency. For example, AutoGas engines require a fraction of the oil needed by diesel engines. In addition, diesel engines also require two fuel filters costing $40 a piece whereas propane engines only require one filter at a substantially lower price.

2. Incentive Opportunities

If reducing your overall operating costs isn’t enough to make you think twice about switching to AutoGas, then maybe the government incentive programs will. The incentive programs offer a range of opportunities at both the federal and state level that can assist your organization with project funding, loan grants, alternative fuel tax exemptions and much more!

3. Less maintenance

Propane burns much cleaner than gasoline or diesel, ultimately reducing the amount of buildup and contaminates in your engine. The less buildup and contaminates in your engine, the fewer problems you’ll have to fix down the road. AutoGas also eliminates the need for fuel additives, which are typically used to prevent diesel fuel from gumming up the engine in the winter. This clean burning alternative fuel also has the ability to make your engine last three times longer than typical diesel engines!

4. Protect the environment

Since AutoGas burns cleaner than diesel and gasoline, it should come as no surprise that it’s better for the environment. AutoGas emits 17-25% fewer greenhouse gases, 20% less nitrogen oxide and 60% less carbon monoxide compared to diesel. This green fuel alternative also reduces smog by an astonishing 80% in comparison to diesel fuel.

5. Increased safety

Propane AutoGas tanks provide additional safety when compared to gasoline and diesel tanks. In fact, AutoGas tanks are approximately 20 times more puncture-resistant than gasoline and diesel tanks. The durable tank, however, is not the only safety feature AutoGas provides. Engines powered by AutoGas reduce the overall noise level by 50%, which allows drivers to focus more heavily on their surroundings.

6. Refueling stations

The increase in AutoGas’ popularity has made refueling more accessible than ever before. There are about 2,500 AutoGas stations throughout the United States, with at least one station in every state. But what if your closest AutoGas station doesn’t meet your organizations requirements? Don’t sweat it! An AutoGas refueling infrastructure is extremely affordable, especially when compared to CNG refueling station installations. AutoGas station installations cost about $45,000 to $175,000, whereas CNG station installations can set you back over a million dollars.

Reach out to your AmeriGas representative to learn more about how your organization can benefit from an AutoGas conversion!