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2016 Ford F150 Offers Consumers with Propane Option

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The year 2016 marks an exciting one for environmentalists. “Why?” you may ask. Because 2016 is the year Ford will add yet another model to its line-up of eco-friendly vehicles. The 2016 Ford F-150 will have a CNG/propane-prepped option that allows the truck to run on clean-burning propane. This addition marks the eighth alternative fuel option produced by Ford, making Ford the industry leader in alternative fuel vehicle production. And don’t worry about having to compensate engine quality when selecting the propane option—this innovative truck comes fully equipped with a 5.0 liter Ti-VCT V8 engine!

The real question is: What’s so great about an alternative fuel vehicle?

Cleaner emissions. When talking about the benefits of using alternative fuel, the first thing that probably pops into your head is its positive impact on the environment. Propane-powered vehicles release 12-18% less CO2 than its gasoline-powered counterparts, resulting in a 20% overall reduction in greenhouse gases.

Your wallet will thank you. It’s no secret gasoline is a more expensive fuel option, especially when compared to propane. Switching to a propane-powered vehicle will save you, on average, $1 per gallon. That’s a savings of approximately $700 per year with the Ford F-150! Ford has even estimated that you’ll see a payback from switching fuel types in as little as 24-36 months. Want to know how much switching to autogas will save you? Check out our Propane ROI Calculator!

Keep your money local. Most of the gasoline consumed within the United States is produced from imported oil. That means every time you’re filling up at the gas station, you may not be supporting the domestic economy. Propane vehicles, on the other hand, don’t have that problem. Approximately 90% of the propane consumed in the United States is produced domestically. So every time you fill up your propane vehicle, you know that you’re supporting our local economy.

Your engine will live a long, happy life. What if I told you it’s possible for your engine to last 3 times longer and with less maintenance? That’s exactly the case if you switch to a propane vehicle! Due to its minimal carbon and oil contaminants, as well as its high octane rating, propane engines outperform gasoline engines by far. Propane vehicles also require less maintenance than gasoline vehicles.