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7 Ways Football Players Stay Warm During Post Season

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Imagine playing a full game of football in sub-zero temperatures,without letting the frigid temperatures impact your performance. NFL players know the feeling all too well, especially when it comes to the most important games—the playoffs.

While some teams are lucky enough to shield themselves from the harsh winter conditions with their domes, others are not so fortunate. Temperatures have dropped as low as -13°F (and -48°F with wind chill!) during post season games, which begs me to ask: What’s their secret?

1.  VASELINE.  Have you ever wondered how your favorite players managed to show off their bare arms while it’s snowing? The secret is simple: Vaseline. Vaseline helps block the wind by clogging your pores, which is why players rub it over their face and body.

2.  CHICKEN BROTH.  While breaking on the sidelines, many players keep their body temperature up by drinking warm chicken broth. Although this is a great way to keep the players warm on the sidelines, it’s imperative that players hydrate themselves with water as well.

3.  HAND WARMERS.  During playoff games, players get quite creative with their hand warmers. Players have been known to put instant hand warmers everywhere to keep warm in sub-zero temperatures. Some of the most common uses amongst players include: placing a few in their hand muff, tapping them to the bottom of their feet, and dropping a couple inside gloves and helmets.

4.  HIGH-POWERED PROPANE BLOWER HEATERS.  Commonly used throughout the NFL, propane blower heaters are a great way to keep the team toasty on the sidelines. Complete with protective shells that make them safe to touch, these heaters can heat up to 25 people at once!

5.  DRAGON HEAT SOLAR SEAT.  The Dragon Heat Solar Seat is no ordinary bench. Durably constructed, the inside of these fiberglass benches are hallow—allowing the benches to be heated internally by a propane blower heater. The heated foot deck provides an upward flow of heat, giving the players a “Marilyn Monroe” effect when they’re wearing a parka.

6.  HOT HAT HELMET HEATERS.  Housed on the backside of the Dragon Seat, these innovative helmet heaters are essential for those chilly playoff games. Imagine if you had to wear a helmet made out of ice for three hours straight. That’s exactly what would happen to these players if they didn’t have the Hot Hat Helmet Heater! The padding inside of the helmet is prone to freezing, which can easily turn an unheated helmet into a player’s worst nightmare.

7.  PROPANE SPACE HEATERS.  Space heaters have been used throughout the NFL for years to keep players toasty warm. Preferred amongst most NFL teams, propane space heaters distribute warmer air more evenly compared to electric models.