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School's Out For the Summer: AmeriGas School Days Update

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At AmeriGas we’re proud to support the communities in which our customers, employees, and families live. Each year we donate to local schools and community organizations via our School Days and Community Care programs. We’ve tallied up how much money AmeriGas has donated to local schools this year…drumroll please, and it’s over $75,000! This school year, we donated $78,960.36 to schools in the communities we service.

Schools enrolled in the School Days program are eligible to purchase items for any school-related need with funds earned from our program. Schools have purchased books, computers, sports equipment, band equipment, art materials, vocational technical supplies and more.

Organizations participating in these either of these two programs earn $.02 per gallon, up to $2,000 in a calendar year, simply by collecting AmeriGas receipts. Schools or organizations who would like to participate in the program should contact their local office to get set up. After that, simply collect AmeriGas receipts and watch the gallons add up!

We’re proud to support our customers and the organizations they support. For more information on the School Day and Community Programs, contact us.