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AmeriGas School Days Program

Program Details and Benefits

Along with receiving additional income for any school or community related needs, the School Days & Community Care Program adapts to the needs of the community. Here are some important considerations that have been implemented:

Health & Safety Conscious

Prior to COVID-19, each school had to present their local AmeriGas office with delivery invoice receipts, but since the pandemic, those days are long gone. To ensure the health and safety of our colleagues and customers, we have eliminated unnecessary contact and exposure, and have transformed the School Days Program into a fully online program.

Eco Friendly

The School Days & Community Care Program is Going Green! In an effort to be more environmentally friendly, we are eliminating paper receipts and will process each customer’s total gallons electronically.

Community Relations

When schools, parents, and communities partner together, great things can happen in the lives of children and young adults. The School Days & Community Care Program does just that—it enhances the overall educational experience and creates lasting achievements for schools, students, and communities.

School Days Program FAQs

How long is the School Days Program?

The School Days & Community Care Program begins September 1st and ends August 31st. All forms must be submitted by August 31st to receive a check in September.

What is the School Days & Community Care Program?

Through the School Days & Community Care Program, AmeriGas will give your school or organization up to $2,000 per year to purchase items for any school or community related need. If you received $2,000 to spend on whatever your school really needed to improve the educational experience for you and your students, what would it be?

Who can participate in the School Days Program?

AmeriGas offers the School Days & Community Care Program to all local schools, customers, and non-profit organizations.

How do I enroll in the School Days Program?

Each school/organization and customer must first fill out the Registration form. Schools will receive a School ID number upon registration. For customers to register, they will need to submit their AmeriGas account number and the School ID number.

When will the school receive credits on their School Days Program?

AmeriGas will tally up the total gallons tied to each specified school or organization and pay $0.02 per gallon at the end of the School Days & Community Care program. Schools and organizations will receive a check in September 2021, just in time for the new school year.

School Days and Community Care Kit

To help encourage participation, AmeriGas will provide your school with everything you need. Within the kit, you will be given an email, a flyer, a poster, and a welcome letter. All assets can be personalized with the school’s contact information.