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Introducing the AmeriGas Ride Share Program

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AmeriGas is always looking for new and better ways to serve the communities we are in. In the past, we’ve investigated propane bobtail drones, new propane scents, and cutting-edge hose-free propane delivery, but unfortunately none of those have made it to market yet. But today we’re very happy to introduce a partnership with Uber, the ride-hailing service, to offer our customers rides in our trucks!

AmeriGas has one of the largest truck fleets in the country, with over:

  • 3,700 Propane Bobtail Delivery Trucks
  • 4,000 Service Trucks
  • 425 Rack Trucks

All of those over 8,000 trucks have a routinely under-utilized front passenger seat. Well not any more! Beginning shortly with trials in select areas and then expanding nationwide, AmeriGas will list all of our trucks and drivers with Uber so that customers can request rides (see terms and conditions below).

Imagine riding shotgun in this tandem axle beauty as you haul 2,500 gallons of propane through breathtaking landscapes!

AmeriGas Propane

Trip to the mall? Grocery store run? Just think how many bags you can carry with one of our knuckle boom trucks!

Knuckleboom Truck

And impress your friends when you pull up to the club in this brand new F-550!

Service Truck


Terms and Conditions
AmeriGas Ride-Share customers agree to follow all DOT and company safety policies including wearing seat belts and safety footwear (i.e. steel toed boots). All customer-requested trips will be worked into existing propane delivery and/or scheduled service routes, customer rides may take longer if routes include deliveries to larger tanks of 500 gallons or more. Discounts may be available to ride-share customers willing to pull hoses on delivery stops and wear additional safety gear including face shields and gloves.

April Fools!