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New Hose Free Technology Revolutionizes Propane Delivery

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AmeriGas is constantly striving to improve our service to our customers and we’re proud to introduce our latest advance, the iPropane Delivery System (patent pending). The iPropane Delivery System (the “i” stands for “intra-tank”) is truly a breakthrough in hose-free propane delivery technology. For over 50 years, we’ve been delivering propane the same way, we hope this new technology will revolutionize the way we serve our customers.

The iPropane Delivery System required years of research and testing and countless trials to perfect the technology behind it. The iPropane System requires two new components, the iPropane Collector and iPropane Distributor, and can be retrofitted to an existing propane installation. The iPropane Collector attaches to your propane tank and acts like a funnel to receive propane, utilizing a proprietary valve to ensure steady flow into the tank. The iPropane Distributor is a new nozzle that attaches to our bobtail delivery trucks and focuses the liquid propane into a stream. The stream of propane is direction-controlled via an ion-charge process through the iPropane Distributor ensuring that 100% of the propane reaches the iPropane Collector and ultimately gets into your tank.

AmeriGas is proud to be the first in our industry with hose-free propane delivery using the iPropane System. We believe our customers will benefit from faster deliveries, helping us make sure they always have the propane they need. While we are currently in the final development stages, we encourage anyone interested to sign-up for iPropane and be first on the list as we roll out the system nationwide.

Some of our other on-going projects at AmeriGas Labs include:

Alternate Smell Additives – Propane is naturally odorless (the rotten egg smell comes from an additive called Ethyl Mercaptan) so we are working on alternative highly-detectable odors including “Old Fish”, “Sweaty Shoes”, and “Dead Skunk” so that our customers have a choice when it comes to propane smell.

Propane Weight Reduction – We realize that barbecue grill cylinders can be heavy to carry. Although propane is a substance whose physical characteristics have been extensively studied and well documented, we are developing technology to bend the space-time continuum, decreasing the density/weight of liquid propane without sacrificing energy/heat content.