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    Propane for Forklifts

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    Let us find the right AmeriGas propane service for your needs.

    Propane For Forklift Tanks

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    Make your forklift operations more efficient and cost effective with AmeriGas Propane.

    Propane-powered forklifts are the most economical way to service your material handling needs. With over 670,000 propane forklifts currently used in warehouses, manufacturing facilities, freight yards, and terminals in North America, propane is a preferred power source for material handling.


    Choose AmeriGas as your forklift propane partner and take advantage of our flexible forklift propane delivery service, local account managers, 24/7 emergency service, safety training, and much more. 

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    Forklift Cylinders from AmeriGas

    At AmeriGas, we offer the 33-lb. forklift propane tank, the most popular forklift gas cylinder for propane. Measuring 2 feet high and 1 foot in diameter, this tank can hold approximately 7.5 gallons of propane and is more cost-efficient and eco-friendly than the alternatives. Speak with a representative to learn more about our buying, leasing and servicing options for forklift propane tanks.

    Interested in learning about other propane tank sizes AmeriGas offers? Check out this blog post.
    Learn about other tank sizes we can offer

    Forklift Propane Delivery and Refill Services

    Our flexible propane delivery options allow you to receive propane when it’s best for you and ensure your service is worry-free. When you power your forklifts with AmeriGas propane, you can choose from three delivery and refill options.

    Cylinder Exchange

    Forklift Cylinder Exchange
    We deliver full cylinders and take away the empties to keep you up and running with a quick and easy change. 

    On-Site Cylinder Refueling

    Cylinder refill
    Our highly qualified personnel will quickly and safely refill your cylinders at your jobsite.

    Bulk Tank Delivery Service

    Bulk Delivery
    Choose bulk deliveries plus an on-site dispenser for maximum flexibility to refill cylinders on the spot and on your schedule.

    More Propane Forklift Services

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    Flexible Delivery

    Alongside our flexible forklift propane delivery options, AmeriGas offers flexible billing and payment programs - from pay-in-advance to online ordering. You can easily manage your forklift propane service online 24/7, or you can call contact your local representative.

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    National supply of propane

    AmeriGas is the nation’s largest supplier of propane, with over 2,500 distribution locations across all 50 states. This means we’re able to deliver safe, reliable, responsive propane services to you wherever you need it. Our national footprint ensures we’re always ready to deliver propane for your forklifts to keep your business running smoothly.

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    AmeriGas Customer Service

    Our 700+ offices are on call to handle everything you need, from setup to delivery to tank maintenance. In the rare event of an emergency, our staff is available for quick response and trained to the highest industry standard. As a valued propane forklift business customer, you’re assigned a dedicated account manager who ensures each interaction you have with AmeriGas meets our highest customer service standards.

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    A Smart Choice

    Propane Forklifts

    Propane is a great choice for fueling your forklifts, especially when compared to electric powered forklifts. Some of the biggest benefits include:

    • Refueling


      With propane forklifts, simply replace the empty cylinder with a full one. Refueling can be done in 5 minutes. Electric forklifts require a charged battery, which may pose a problem if there’s a power outage.
    • Power


      While providing 8 hours of run time, propane powered forklifts offer uninterrupted high torque power 100% of the time AND operate more quickly at a lower cost than electric power.
    • Speed


      You won’t sacrifice speed with a propane forklift, which can hit speeds of up to 10.5 mph. Most electric forklifts max out at 8-9 mph.
    • Maintenance


      Propane is one of the cleanest-burning fossil fuels, which helps reduce maintenance when used to fuel forklifts. Electric forklifts have the added maintenance of batteries and charging stations.

    Safety Is Our Highest Priority

    Propane Forklift Safety Checklist
    Our field experts help our business customers meet propane safety requirements and ensure forklifts operate efficiently. Download our Propane Forklift Safety Checklist below to learn how to keep your propane forklift operators safe!
    Download Propane Forklift safety Checklist

    There are additional benefits when choosing propane forklifts:

    Propane powers over 670,000 forklifts across the U.S., and has been used with forklifts for nearly 70 years.

    Propane forklifts produce 19% fewer emissions than gasoline forklifts and 7% fewer emissions than diesel.

    +95% of propane comes from domestic sources. Using propane for forklifts helps reduce dependency on foreign energy sources and keeps jobs in the U.S.