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    Commercial Propane Temporary Heat Guide

    Read below for commercial uses for temporary propane heaters, the benefits of propane heat (especially for construction use), frequently asked questions, and details on temporary propane heating services available through AmeriGas.

    Commercial Uses for Temporary Propane Heating

    Winter Construction

    Temporary propane heaters for commercial use generally consist of two groups:

    Propane construction heaters –  80% of construction projects with temporary heat are fueled by propane. Construction companies rely on portable propane construction heaters for many uses, from keeping their crew warm in cold weather to maintaining temperatures so certain materials can set properly.

    Other uses for temporary propane heaters
    – commercial industries beyond construction that use temporary propane heaters include agriculture (for brooding poultry), manufacturing, and real estate. A company or business in any industry may need temporary propane heaters for the following applications:

    - Emergency heating 
    - Recovering from a natural disaster
    - Drying out or dehumidifying a building
    - Conducting thermal treatment of wood pallets
    - Routine maintenance if the main heating system needs to be shut off

    AmeriGas provides temporary propane heating services for a wide array of commercial uses. Contact an AmeriGas representative to learn more about how we can help your business.

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    Temporary Propane Heat Benefits

    Some of the biggest benefits of temporary propane heaters include:

    It’s the easiest and cleanest choice.

    Kerosene heaters can leave a film on your equipment and the walls close to the generator, meaning extra time and effort to clean up. Electric heat creates less of a mess than kerosene, but it doesn’t create nearly as many BTUs as propane – taking more time (and money) to finish the job.

    It keeps the right temperature for materials to set.

    Oil based paints are said to dry best between 40-90 degrees Fahrenheit. When looking to heat job-sites in the dead of winter, propane temporary heaters will get the job done quicker and with less of a mess than other temporary heating sources.

    It’s easily portable.

    You can lease temporary propane heaters for the season and move them from site to site as needed.

    It keeps your workers warm, comfortable, and productive.

    In fact, some regions have codes or safety regulations that require workers to have a heat source when work temperatures drop below a certain level.

    It's available right from the start.

    On many projects, a natural gas connection as a heat option isn’t available until the building is nearly finished. Temporary propane heating is readily available, highly portable, and simple to set up.

    It keeps the air cleaner.

    Because propane is a low-carbon alternative fuel, temporary propane heaters maintain a cleaner environment without sacrificing power or performance. Plus, portable propane construction heaters can help meet LEED requirements for clean indoor air quality during construction.

    Cylinders or bulk tanks: which to use?

    Propane construction heaters range in size from small, portable cylinders for single-home construction (producing about 35,000 BTUs of heat) to large bulk tanks capable of heating hospitals or resorts (producing up to 5 million BTUs). 

    Choosing cylinders or bulk tanks depends on your needs. For example:

    Cylinder: If your job-site is on the smaller side and you only have a few rooms to work on, cylinders may be best for your propane needs.

    Bulk: If you have a larger job-site where you are building a hospital or office building, a bulk tank may be a better fit. 

    In addition to the size of your project, there are other factors to consider when deciding whether to use a cylinder or bulk tank. For proper installation of temporary cylinders and bulk tanks, you need to determine lot locations. Many local fire marshals or building inspectors have a permit process for these temporary tank placements. An AmeriGas representative can help you determine what size heater is right for your propane needs, as well as assist you with the required paperwork.

    Propane Cylinder and bulk tank

    FAQs: Propane Temporary Heat

    Frequently asked questions about temporary propane heat

    Q: Why should I choose propane for temporary heating?

    A: Propane is a clean, efficient, and convenient fuel source for temporary heat. It runs cleaner and is easier to use than kerosene or electric heat. It’s also highly portable, unlike natural gas which requires lines to be installed. It can also help meet LEED clean-air requirements during construction.

    Q: Can you use a propane heater inside?

    A: Propane heaters that are designated for indoor use can be used inside, however, you should never use a commercial propane heater indoors that requires a propane cylinder with more than 100 pounds of propane. For more information on propane safety please visit

    Q: What safety guidelines should I follow when using temporary propane heaters?

    A: As with any fuel, safety when handling propane is very important. Read our blog post for tips on how to safely handle temporary propane heaters. For more information on propane safety please visit: .

    Q: How do I start using AmeriGas temporary heating services for my business?

    A: Simply contact AmeriGas today. A dedicated account manager will work with you to determine the right solution for your temporary heating needs. We’ll then work quickly to get you set up and your job-site up and running!

    Services from AmeriGas

    Propane Temporary Heat

    AmeriGas can provide your business with commercial propane service, delivery, and tank installation. We’ll keep you fueled no matter the size or scope of your work. We will be there to help every step of the way.

    As an AmeriGas customer, you will receive: 


    Local, professional service
    -  24/7 live emergency service
    -  A dedicated account manager
    -  A wide range of delivery options
    -  Flexible pricing & payment options


     To start using temporary propane heating services from AmeriGas, contact a representative today or call 1-800-AMERIGAS.

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