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Pipeline Customer Notification

Pipeline Customer Notification

Excess Flow Valves

Pipeline customers are defined as a group of customers or multiple customers such as a residential subdivision-condos-apartment complex-manufacture home park of 10 or more homes, or more than 1 commercial customer serviced from a single propane source.

Due to recent legislation passed by the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA), pipeline customers whose service lines operate at pressures not less than 10 psig continuously throughout the year have the option to request the installation of an excess flow valve (EFV) in their newly installed or replaced service line. A propane gas service line is the piping from the gas main (usually found in or near the street) to the customer meter set and runs underground through the customer’s yard.

An EFV is designed to restrict the flow of gas in a customer’s propane gas service line by automatically closing in the event that a service line is broken, completely cut, torn apart or otherwise separated, usually caused by some type of excavation or digging, downstream of the EFV. Restricting gas flow after a gas service line is damaged may decrease the potential for property damage and/or injury.

Installation of an EFV will not protect against customer appliances gas leaks, small gas service line punctures, or gas meter leaks. The EFV may potentially shut off under heavy system demands such as severe winter storm conditions. Installation of an excess flow valve is not mandatory; however, if a customer decides to have this device installed the customer will be required to pay the entire cost of installation in advance. The current installation cost on an existing service is estimated at $1,500.00. A more accurate estimate will be provided following a site survey. AmeriGas makes no warranties, expressed, implied or otherwise, for continued proper excess flow valve operation under any use conditions and/or for inadvertent valve closure under varying gas system operating conditions.

Customer Responsibilities

If a customer requests installation of an EFV, and agrees to pay the cost of installation, AmeriGas, or its contractors, will perform the installation. In addition, the customer must agree and will be required to pay any and all future maintenance and replacement costs associated with an EFV including, but not limited to the following: (1) Excavation costs for the EFV removal and/or replacement, (2) Pavement and/or landscaping replacement costs associated with any necessary excavation, (3) Permitting costs needed to perform the necessary work and (4) All associated material and labor costs. The cost of removing or replacing an EFV could range from $100 to $1500 based upon the aforementioned items.

In the event that a customer’s home is sold, it is the customer’s responsibility to notify and to disclose to the new homeowner in writing that an EFV has been installed on the propane gas service line. The notification must include all of the customer responsibilities contained within this notification.

To learn more about Excess Flow Valves or to request installation of an EFV, contact your local AmeriGas office.