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Safety Is Our Core Value

Propane is a safe, efficient and environmentally friendly energy source when properly stored, transported, handled and used, and that’s why AmeriGas places so much emphasis on safety.

As part of our Safety Beliefs and Principles, the Health and Safety of People, including customers, employees and communities that we serve is “Valued Above All Else.”

Our safety commitment is an ongoing mission that extends to everything we do. Here are just a few examples:

  • Fully trained AmeriGas employees are available 24/7 with just one call; of particular importance if you need emergency service during off-hours.
  • Field employees receive ongoing education as prescribed by the National Fire Protection Association and State & local authorities, and participate in the Propane Education and Research Council’s Certified Employee Training Program.
  • We strictly follow system leak-check requirements for interruptions of service and new service situations to insure your system is leak free.
    We require gas system performance tests to ensure continuous propane flow and system efficiency.
  • Our bulk installations adhere to the NFPA standards to bury outside propane line a depth of 12” or more to protect it from damage.
  • Delivery representatives perform a visual inspection of the propane installation with every delivery before beginning transfer of product.
  • Field employees perform a Personal Risk Assessment to identify hazards to themselves and those around them before starting any task.
  • AmeriGas delivery vehicles are equipped with remote shut-off devices that enable cut-off of the propane flow from a distance.
  • Field delivery and service vehicles are inspected twice daily and maintained routinely to ensure safe operation on the highways.
  • Field employees are thoroughly screened including drug testing, background & fitness checks as well as required Department of Transportation and TSA screenings.

We don’t just talk about safety, we live it. When it comes to your comfort and security, and yes, possibly even your safety, why settle for anything less?

Ready to power your business safely, with AmeriGas propane? Let's get started.