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Tanks 101 Understanding the Basics

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Not sure what type of propane tank is right for your home? Look no further because AmeriGas is here to help! Propane tanks come in different shapes and sizes, which allows us to customize your tank to fit your needs.

All propane tanks fall with 3 main categories:

  1. Underground tanks
  2. Above ground tanks
  3. Vertical tanks


Underground propane tanks are the perfect for preserving the aesthetics of your landscaping. In most cases, a propane tank can be easily installed underground with only a small dome showing. Since propane is environmentally safe, it poses no threat to the homeowner’s soil or water.

Underground Tanks 

- Hidden from plain view
- Keeps your tank cool during warmer months

- More costly installation


In areas where the terrain prevents underground placement, above ground tank can be easily and discretely installed. By simply integrating the tank into the homeowners landscaping, above ground tanks can easily be masked by the natural environment.

 Above Ground Tanks

- Inexpensive installation
- Faster installation

- More difficult to hide your tank
- Weather induced maintenance


Vertical propane tanks, typically 120 gallon tanks, perfect for homeowners that need propane for cooking or their fireplace. Vertical tanks are safely and discretely installed right up against your home. These tanks should be installed at least three feet from any windows or doors, and at least 10 feet from any source of ignition.

Vertical Tanks

- Easy to hide
- Installed up against your home 

- Limited sizes available

Still unsure about what type of tank is right for you? Contact us or call your local office to speak with an expert! Our highly-trained employees will not only match you with the right tank for you, but they can also provide you with additional details regarding tank installations and custom design.