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All About Propane Appliances: Storage Tank Water Heaters

All About Storage Tank Water Heaters
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When it comes to appliances, nothing is used more frequently than your water heater. Not only is used all throughout your home, but it’s also in use all year round. That’s why it’s crucial to ensure your water heating system is running efficiently. 
Propane storage water heaters are a versatile, efficient and reliable hot water solution for homeowners. But how do propane water heaters rank against the competition? Keep reading below to find out!
Propane vs. Electric 
Don’t let their small size fool you; propane storage tank water heaters deliver the same amount of hot as electric units, which are larger in size. For example, a 40-gallon propane unit delivers the same amount of hot water in the first hour as a 50-gallon electric unit! Electric water heaters also experience greater standby loss as a result of their larger size. That means you’re losing the heat from your water heater to the surrounding area. 
Energy Star qualified propane water heaters, on the other hand, offer highly insulated tanks and electronic ignition, resulting in improved efficiency and significant savings compared with electric units. With an Energy Star propane water heater, you’ll reduce your annual energy costs by 13% compared to electric water heaters. 
Money’s not the only thing you’ll save, either! Propane water heaters have about 50-60% lower CO2 emissions than electric storage tank systems. That means you’ll be reducing your home’s annual CO2 emissions by 1,700 pounds per year when you choose a propane water heater over an electric unit. 

Propane vs. Heating Oil 
Just like electric units, heating oil water heaters are not eligible for Energy Star qualification. Unlike the competition, propane units are eligible for Energy Star qualification, which offer addition features such as:  electronic ignition, automatic flue dampers, and highly insulated and corrosion resistant tanks. 
Due to their improved efficiency, Energy Star propane water heaters offer annual energy costs savings of 20% compared to that of heating oil units. Propane water heaters will save you another kind of green; the environment. With propane, you’re reducing your household’s annual CO2 emissions by 19%, compared to heating oil storage tank water heaters. Now that’s a win-win!