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8 Smart Ways to Conserve Energy This Winter

Learn how to save on your heating bill this season with these eight simple ways to save energy in homes.
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From removing obstacles to reaping the rewards of baking cookies, these simple home tips will help you save energy, use less propane, and reduce your winter heating bills.

With home heating prices on the rise , there’s one question everyone is asking: How can I make my propane last longer? Sure, you’re keeping your thermostat set to 68 (you are keeping your thermostat set to 68 , right?) – but there are other clever ways to conserve energy and save on your home heating bill. These simple home energy-saving tips can help you spend less on propane this winter.

Learn how to save on your heating bill this season with these eight simple ways to save energy in homes.

1. Insulate everything

Warm air has a way of escaping through the smallest openings. Ditto with cold air coming in. To save energy this winter, close the fireplace damper and the chimney flue, and check the seals. You’ll also want to add weather stripping around windows, seldom-used doors, AC units, and electrical outlets. If you’ve got the budget for it, invest in extra insulation. (Get more insulating tips here!  ) 

2. Let the sunshine in

Keep south-facing window treatments open during the day. This lets the sun heat your home naturally and makes your propane last longer.

3. Close low-traffic rooms

The kid’s bedroom that’s left empty when they’re at college? Or that converted home gym you use once a month? No need to heat a room that doesn’t get much traffic. Save your propane: Close the door and shut the vents. 

4. If your ceiling fan has a reverse switch, flip it. 

Fans operating in reverse mode spin counterclockwise to move warm air collecting around the ceiling down to where you can feel it. Bringing the warm air down to your level can bring your heating bill down, too.

5. Take an energy-saving tip from Uncle Sam

Many energy-saving home renovations (including insulation) come with tax breaks and rebates. You may also qualify for assistance with your heating bills. Learn more at Energy Star or

6. Keep the path clear

Clean your furnace and air ducts of dirt and debris, and replace air filters as needed. Another easy way to save energy: Keep furniture and other objects away from vents so that warm air can circulate freely. 

7. Save “leftover” heat

This one’s a little old-school, but letting perfectly good heat go to waste after using your oven is, well, a waste. After your next batch of chocolate chip macadamia delights comes out of the oven, leave the door slightly ajar. The added warmth (of the oven, not the cookies – although the cookies are a plus) can take some pressure off the thermostat and help your propane last a little longer. Just be extra careful if you have unsupervised little ones running around.

8. And the #1 way to make your propane last longer…

Turn down the thermostat. We keep saying it because it works. Set it to 68℉ when you’re active at home – even lower if you can tolerate it. At night and when you’re away, set it even lower. A programmable or smart thermostat can figure out the settings that will conserve the most energy in your home – so you can set it and forget it. 

Bonus Tip: Don’t forget the water heater!

With all the attention on the room temperature, it’s easy to overlook your home’s water temperature. Turn on the taps: Is the water scalding? Chances are, your water heater thermostat is set too high (and you’re getting first-degree burns when you shower). Take it down a few degrees. You’ll likely save more energy (and your skin). 

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