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Food Truck Mania

Food Trucks
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As the summer sun continues to heat things up, the food truck festivals are kicking into gear! We are going to tell you a little bit more about this “food on wheels” movement and where you can find some of these delicious eats in your neck of the woods!

The first official food truck started in 1974 by Raul Martinez. While Raul had the perfect product, he needed to find the perfect place to sell it. After ingeniously converting an ice cream truck into a taco truck and parking it in East Los Angles, the food truck revolution began. 

Today, there are nearly three million food trucks across the United States that fill hungry bellies with BBQ, mac and cheese, pizza, lobster rolls, tacos, ramen noodles, sweet treats, and more! The “street eats” way of dining has taken off in the past decade. Between 2007 and 2012 the nearly $1 billion industry grew at a rate of 8.4%, and numbers continue to rise. The industry is growing at such a rapid rate, that the New York City Council is currently working on passing a legislation that would double the amount of street vendor permits in the next seven years. To put things into perspective, the current permit availability in NYC stands at ~4,200. Think of all that yummy food.

One of the many questions that surface when it comes to discussing food trucks is “where does their energy source come from?” It tends to varies from truck to truck, but we have seen that there are typically multiple sources of energy behind the scenes: gas to power the engine, electric to control the refrigerating system, and last (but definitely not the least in our opinion!), propane to run the grill. 

Now that we have your attention (and your stomachs grumbling), here is a list of some soon approaching food truck festivals around the country. Mark them down on your calendar quick before the cold weather pushes us back indoors!

To find out more information on food truck festivals in your area click here.

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