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Safety Series Safety Policy

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AmeriGas holds a core set of safety beliefs and principals that guide every employee and ensure that we operate with the highest safety standards. In a series of articles, we will detail the major parts that keep our customers and employees safe:

Safety Policy
Cardinal Rules
Leak Checks
Red and Yellow Tags

AmeriGas’ Safety Policy

 AmeriGas is committed to the safety of our employees, customers and general public, and compliance with applicable statutes, regulations and ordinances throughout our operations. Our vision is to be injury free and to instill a culture where safety is a core value. Based on proven beliefs and principles, our safety program empowers the organization and individuals to achieve the highest level of performance. Each AmeriGas employee is expected to conduct themselves in accordance with these guiding principles:

The Health And Safety Of People Is Valued Above All Else

AmeriGas’ daily business decisions give safety priority, superior to the other business considerations. Safety is never to be compromised.

All Occupational Injuries And Illnesses Can Be Prevented

AmeriGas managers and employees strive for an injury free workplace; are never satisfied when injuries occur, and take the required action to prevent them.

All Tasks And Operating Practices Can Be Reasonably Safeguarded

For all jobs in which there may be a safety hazard, management conducts risk analysis, determines safe work practices, develops safe operating procedures, and takes necessary actions to minimize risk to workers. Jobs that cannot be conducted safely are not undertaken by AmeriGas.

Safety Is A Line Management Responsibility

All AmeriGas managers and supervisors are responsible for and held accountable for training their employees on jobs in which there may be a significant safety hazard, providing a safe and orderly working environment, investigating near misses, accidents and injuries, and developing a plan to prevent their re-occurrence.

Working Safely is An Essential Element of Employee Performance

All AmeriGas employees are responsible and accountable for preventing injuries in their areas of responsibility. This includes working safely, reporting injuries, unsafe practices and conditions immediately, and participating in accident and incident investigations. Individuals are held accountable for conducting themselves such that their actions or inactions do not create unsafe situations, cause injury to themselves, their co-workers, customers, or the general public.

Our Commitment To Safety Extends To Our Customers and General Public

AmeriGas maintains a high level of safety performance on the highways and on the property of our customers. Our employees are trained and held accountable to perform all activities in a safe manner and be ever vigilant to unsafe situations. We communicate the appropriate safety information to our customers and take every precaution to ensure their safety.