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4 Reasons a Propane Generator Is Your Best Backup

Storm over looking propane generator homes
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Stable. Reliable. No mess. We count the ways having a propane generator to back up your existing propane system is a no-brainer. (Plus: A generator is not just for emergencies anymore.)

It’s been a crazy few years for weather events. That’s terrific news for meteorologists. Not such great news, however, for stressed-out power grids, which become vulnerable to blackouts when massive storms and heat waves strain their capacity.

If you’re already using propane to run your indoor or outdoor appliances, smart money says you have — or need — a backup generator. There are many reasons using a propane generator is a clear winner; we narrowed it down to four:

1. It’s definitely getting stormier.

Sorry to be a wet blanket, but on the East Coast and in the Gulf region, summer 2021 was one of the stormiest, following a trend that meteorologists at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration expect to continue. Of course, that means sudden power outages that can last from a few minutes to (in extreme cases) a few weeks.

For unpredictable weather, you need the most reliable backup power. A permanently installed generator that runs on propane is a perfect pairing. The generator can be set up to kick in automatically if the main power source is lost. Plus, it’s connected to your existing propane tank, so it has a ready, steady supply of fuel.

2. Propane can stand up to an extended outage.

A generator that uses propane — whether portable or permanent — can provide power longer and with less hassle (compared to other fuel sources). Propane typically has a higher BTU rating than natural gas. And because it doesn’t rely on electricity to be pumped like gasoline does, liquid propane is relatively easy to replace if your supply runs out, whether you’re using portable tanks or a permanently installed residential tank. Your propane supplier will be able to keep your tanks full for the duration.

3. Propane generators are cleaner.

And we don’t necessarily mean that in the “green” way — although propane has been shown to produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions than other fuel types. The clean we’re talking about here is literal. Compared with diesel, propane generators require less maintenance and produce less grime for you to clean up. That’s because propane doesn’t leave behind carbon deposits the way diesel does. Plus, when temps drop, propane doesn’t thicken up and get gunky, the way other fuels can — so it’s easy to start up your generator in any weather.

4. A backup generator can level up your entertainment power.

There’s no need to let your generator sit around and wait for the call of duty. Want to add a bouncy house or a DJ to the end-of-summer block party? Heading out to the first tailgate of football season? Taking a Labor Day camping trip? A portable generator might be right for you. As long as you keep it filled and ready to go once the party’s over, this type of generator can help you celebrate the sunny days — and keep the lights on when the storm arrives.

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