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Back Up Power with Propane

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As hurricane Sandy batters the NE with wind and rain, power outages are expected to be widespread across the nation’s most populated area. But it’s not just hurricanes that disrupt the electric power supply to millions of homes across the US. Just this summer a “super-cell” storm knocked out power in WV and VA for the better part of a week. In winter, ice build-up has increasingly caused outages. What’s your backup plan? Propane powered back-up generators are the solution to power outages. The generator will keep the electricity flowing, allowing home and business owners to maintain relatively normal life. And more than ever, our homes are also our offices. Being out of commission for even a day can cost much more than aggravation. Propane is the best fuel choice for a back-up generator.

If you already use propane for your many household appliances (for heating, water heating, cooking, clothes drying, etc.), it’s easy to add a generator. If you don’t have propane at already, AmeriGas can often can bury the tank so it’s out of sight. Propane emits fewer greenhouse gas emissions than either gasoline or diesel and is economical to store and transport. Propane also has a lower deterioration rate compared to gasoline or diesel, making it a better standby fuel source. For example, today’s gasoline with its high ethanol content, has a shelf life of only a few months. While it’s too late to get a propane generator for Sandy, you can plan ahead for the next storm. Call AmeriGas to find out more about planning for the next power outage with a back-up generator.

About Andy Hertzog
Andrew has been working for AmeriGas since 2003. For the last five years, he has been a Product Manager, developing strategies and programs for residential and commercial segments.