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Safety First Halloween Safety Tips for Your Family

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Make safety your highest priority on Halloween. Below are some tips to ensure everyone has a hauntingly good time.

Adults should join the fun. A costume is not required; however, at least one adult should accompany children while trick-or-treating. Keep your little goblins in line: looking both ways before crossing streets, using sidewalks, only visiting well lit homes, and making sure they only accept treats at the door.

Let your costume shine. Carry a flashlight while trick-or-treating and add reflective tape to bags and costumes. Bike, wagon, or broomstick- don’t forget to add reflective tape to your transportation too! You can also make being seen on Halloween fun by carrying glow sticks; your kids won’t boo and cars will see them too.

Avoid ghastly falls. Wear costumes that don’t drag on the ground to prevent trips and falls. Comfortable shoes will help to keep trick-or-treaters on their feet all night. An ill-fitting mask will impede eyesight and could cause a fall. If a mask doesn’t fit, face paint and non-toxic makeup are good alternatives.

No tricks, just treats. An adult should inspect all candy and Halloween goodies. Don’t eat candy that has already been opened or wasn’t commercially wrapped. When in doubt, throw it out!

Don’t forget your pets!
Kids or adults in costume may not be a treat for your pet. Pets can be frightened and confused by trick-or-treaters so it’s a good idea to keep your pets away from the door. Consider crating your pet or moving them to a quiet room. If you can’t keep your pet away from the door, install a pet gate at your door to prevent an escape. Keep your pet distracted with special pet friendly treats or their favorite toys.

Speaking of treats, keep Halloween candy and wrappers away from your pet. Don’t leave your candy bowl where they can get into it.

Keep your pet out of decoration danger. Halloween decorations and decorative plants can be toxic. Jack-O-Lanterns lit with candles can be a fired hazard if your curious pet knocks over your pumpkin masterpiece.

Have a safe and happy Halloween!