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National Forklift Safety Day

Man Driving Propane Forklift
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Today (June 11, 2019) marks the 6th Anniversary of National Forklift Safety Day. This day, sponsored by the Industrial Truck Association, aims to provide those that work closely with forklifts the opportunity to enhance their learning on forklift safety practices. Seeing that safety is our highest priority here at AmeriGas, we are very excited to celebrate this special day. So in honor of National Forklift Safety Day, we want to leave you with some best practices from OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) on how to maintain a safe forklift working environment for you and your employees.

  • Document your daily checks
    • Daily forklift inspections and checks are required by OSHA. Documenting these inspections isn’t required, but it is highly recommended to ensure that only operable and safe forklifts are being used. Inoperable or forklifts in need of repair should be taken out of service or reported to a supervisor immediately.
  • Make sure you have good visibility
    • Warehouse floors can become busy with people, machinery and products – be sure to take your time while maneuvering your forklift. Make sure you have good visibility while operating your forklift and use spotters around difficult to see or crowded spaces. If working at night, be sure to use the headlights – that’s what they are there for!
  • Use extreme caution when backing up
    • Backing up in a warehouse with many obstacles around can prove to be a tricky task. When reversing, be sure to look in the direction you are traveling and don’t assume that people can hear the forklift coming.

These are just a few ways you can make you forklift work space a little bit safer. For more detailed information please visit the OSHA website.